Manufacturing robots

I’m working on a change to the system so you make car engines in 2 stages, THEN fit them to the car as a power-train, rather than the current ‘in-place’ system. While I was doing it, I got manufacturing robots working :smiley: I hereby declare they will be red ones!

that looks nice keep it up this good work :).

Awesome work, I realy like the red color scheme with the blue tubings :smiley:

Those robots are sexy :slight_smile:

hi great updates,

can you make the distance between segments longer.
like between fitting body work and painting

you mean in general make the slots bigger?

There’s a potential for a ''what color should the bike shed be?" discussion.

( I vote for each robot is randomly seeded with a color at game load and construction. )

So do this have a conveyer system to get from making it to placing it? Also, how long does it take to make vs put in? (And does it actually put two engines together at once?)

Other than those questions, I think this looks great! I think it could be a great way to speed up the time of putting the engine together.

Right now, this is just for display purposes, working on 2 engines is just kinda symbolic :smiley: There is no conveyor system like there is for cars, this is just a resource conveyor system. I’m going to do a new post that explains the new system and asks for feedback.