[many bugs] Sterilisation, negative demand, display bugs

So I was doing the “An End to the Pill” scenario, and I came across a number of interesting issues. I don’t know which are intentional and which are bugs, so I’ll post them all here and let you figure them out:

  1. Male Contraceptive can permanently “cure” people

According to the effect text, it’s supposed to be a temporary contraceptive. So am I actually (accidentally?) sterilising men? I mean, that’s cool and all, but maybe “cure” isn’t the right word here. :slight_smile:

  1. Net Demand can go negative

I’m not really sure what this is supposed to indicate. I would think that 0% Net Demand means that nobody’s interested in buying it. So shouldn’t they just stop buying it at that point?

By the time I got down to just 5 “sufferers” (men I hadn’t sterilised yet?), I was down to -2937% net demand, 9000% saturation. Is negative net demand equivalent to the public saying “omg please stop making this drug, seriously, you’re destroying the human race”? :smiley:

  1. Demand graph can go off the bottom

Off the bottom of the graph, and if you go far enough, off the bottom of the screen.


  1. Deeply negative cure bonuses, and eventually, display issues

At a certain point (probably when demand goes negative?), putting “Male Contraceptive” on an (otherwise valuable) pill actually reduces the value. By the time I got to 5 suffers, adding Male Contraceptive would add a $-27312 bonus, instantly dropping the value of any pill to zero. This also fails to display correctly in the Cure screen, with several numbers cut off from both the value and the percentage (-2937%).

Screenshot of negative value: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192022.jpg
Screenshot of incorrect display on cure screen: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192248.jpg

  1. Crazy display when number of sufferers hits zero
  2. Number of sufferers can then go negative
  3. Insane profit when sufferers goes negative

Three bugs in one. I assume this is due to some divide-by-zero issue or something. Looks like demand and saturation briefly bottom at minimum and maximum 32-bit integer respectively, then flip around and cause my Male Contraceptive to be briefly worth $1.8 billion per dose. (I guess some billionaire buys it as a final memento of the destroyed human race?)

10 sufferers: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192411.jpg
1 sufferer: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192438.jpg
0 sufferers: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192510.jpg
-1 sufferer: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192539.jpg
Price spikes to $1.8 mil: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192641.jpg

By the next day, the price has dropped down to a somewhat more reasonable $270k. Also, Operating Margin is broken: i.wisq.net/skitched-20150705-192722.jpg

So, yeah. Behold the true evil of drug companies: Total human extinction. :smiley:

So who’s paying $270k for male contraceptives after all the human are sterilized? Did the robot overlords decide it was time to start sterilizing these damn bunnies? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I thought it was bad when I was losing $400 per pill on the Sickle Cell Anemia challenge…

It’s a temporary sterilisation but when you get it removed you are probably wanting to have kids, right? So you’re no longer going to be in the market for it. Admittedly there should be new people entering the market at all times when they become sexually active but it’s much smaller than the starting market.

Everything else you mention is a single bug (demand is allowed to go below zero) which will be fixed in the next patch.

I think the number of sufferers going negative is also a bug, unless that is caused by the negative demand bug.