Many bugs (v0.44.00)

  1. Selected items are not updated throughout the game.
    a) When belt is selected, drug info isn’t updated, ie. when different drug moves onto selected belt or analyzer finds best concentration. I think that updating drug info in upper right corner every day should fix this.
    b) When switching to cures tab, it has selected cure from previous time, but shows outdated info on right side of screen. Either cure should be unselected or info updated.
    c) there are other items that are not updated, but I don’t remember them right now.

  2. Game is still laggy when many production lines are built. Especially annoying is couple of seconds delay when switching between tabs. Can you make option to disable animation, so selected tab shows instantly?

  3. When 2 drugs need names and “auto pause and focus” setting is selected, game is not paused. (Probably same bug with 2 patents too, or 1 drug and 1 patent.)

  4. Confused belts and exit sockets.
    a) Drugs are never pushed to the belt with arrow. Actually that belt never moves, even if drugs are left on it. (If it’s not clear, I want to make half of drugs with different concentration.)

b) Belts are stuck, drugs are never moved to the socket and sold. In both cases it’s obvious that drugs should be moved to the socket. Also T-belt with unconnected side sometimes makes belt stuck even w/o the socket.

  1. Graphics is out of place in 1280x1024 resolution.

  2. Menus and confirmation windows are not easily distinguishable (see picture from next bug too). Make them another colour or make bright border around them.

  3. Stuck trying to overwrite custom settings. Can’t click anywhere, thankfully esc key worked.

Thanks for all the bug reports. I will get them fixed.

A couple of them are not bugs, they are design compromises where is there a lack of a perfect solution:

  1. a) I normally click a belt when I want to examine a particular drug. If it switched every time a new drug moved into it I would find that annoying. So yes, sometimes the info is ‘out of date’ but it’s much more convenient for the player to do it like this.

  2. a) The whole belt pathfinding system is deterministic. The example you’ve shown is not as that belt could run in either direction. There is no way for the game to know which way you would prefer. A way to specify belt direction explicitly would be cool but I have yet to come up with a perfect solution of how to implement it within the constraints of the current system and without overcomplicating it for new players.


Ok, I get it. (I play mostly in paused mode.) Could you make 2 little additions to make it perfect? :slight_smile:
a) Info would be updated by clicking on already selected belt (currently game prevents it).
b) When the effect has been analyzed and it is displayed on the info pane, best concentration is added to the info.

Additional click on the belt shouldn’t be too difficult, and you can always add a tooltip or make a video tutorial. :slight_smile:
The only bad case I can think of: player clicks on perfectly working belt by by accident, thus reversing it’s direction. Animation of whole belt section that changes direction with different sound than usual would help in this case.