Many Questions!

Most of my questions have to do with being robbed or mugged because it happens to my quite frequently and it gets me down because I seem to lose everything I have worked for. I love this game so much though and I just assume my character lives in a bad neighborhood… :laughing:

Ok here are my questions!

Question 1: If you get a burglar alarm can criminals rob you still? Can the criminal steal this object… lol…

Question 2: If you are on a bike or skateboard and get mugged will the mugger swipe your ride?

Question 3: After someone asks you out can your relationship become something more than dating?

Question 4: If you have a pet and you get robbed can the criminal steal your pet or your pet’s things?

Question 5: Does any skill help you ward off criminals in your home?

Question 6: If you are buying a service and you run out of money to pay the service… will the service skip a day or will it vanish? If it vanishes that would stink for the TV and Computer!

Question 7: Is there a limit to how much criminals can steal? Can they steal large “heavy” objects such as a home gym?

These answers are from my experience of the game so may not all be correct.

  1. The alarm scares burglars away and i don’t think it gets stolen.

  2. I haven’t been mugged on a skateboard or bike.

  3. I don’t think it goes beyond dating. No marriage or kids.

  4. Dogs scare away robbers and i’ve not had a pet stolen.

  5. Not sure about that. Kung fu and karate help you fight off muggers but i don’t think any skill reduces robberies at home. Get a dog or an alarm.

  6. Another not sure. I usually only get services when i can afford it.

  7. I usually get my console stolen. Whenever i have had expensive items i have always had a dog or alarm but i assume they can steal anything regardless of weight or size.

I hope some of my answers helped, sorry about the others.

My first move in the game is ALWAYS to get a dog. Not only does the dog prevent your house from being burgled, but the dog also reduces your loneliness and increases your fitness. All this for $20 and regular feeding. Just like in real life, a dog give you much more than it takes!

My second move in the game is usually to sign up for kung-fu classes. If you know kung-fu 100%, you make a citizen’s arrest of the mugger and take him to the police station. Even if you don’t know it to the 100% level, if you know a reasonable amount of kung-fu, you can fight the mugger off.

Cliff has said that dating is all there is – you never get married or have your partner move in or anything like that.

Have fun with the game!

Thanks for answering all my questions… except the service thing cause I doubt it happens much to people. :smiley:

I have one more thing I have been wondering…

What are the requirements to have someone fall for you and ask you out?

As far as I can tell, the likelihood of romance depends on some average of the closeness of the relationship and the strength of the attraction. So, if you want a sweetheart, look at all the people you have access to (both the people you know and the people THEY know) and find the three with the greatest attraction. Examine their personalities – someone who’s confident or calm can be a big help.

Then examine their interests – someone who has several basic interests (e.g., sports, culture, food) can encompass a lot of particular interests (e.g., golf, museum, pizza) and is a lot easier to do things with.

Also, somebody who only has expensive interests (theatre, opera, ballet) can be hard to socialize with, whereas someone who likes sports or games is a lot easier. I usually buy the chess set fairly early on, since playing chess is one of the few free things in the game (AND it boosts your IQ and has a chance of boosting your confidence).

Once you’ve figured out which of your high-attraction folks is a good match for you, you can court them. Go with them – and just them – to several different events that they like, and you should be getting that romantic proposal phone call quite soon!