Map Editor Technical Issues

Just finished my first custom map. It’s an excellent part of the game, but I’m pretty sure there’s a bug or two lurking in there somewhere.

The map I started with was Vimy, if that’s any help. I didn’t find any problems at all with the editor, but when it came to changing the map’s metadata at the save screen there were a few issues.

  1. Vimy starting supplies for the defender are 2000. I changed this to 3000 and saved it. Started a battle from the defensive side. Supplies - 3000. Put down my first turret, though, and the supplies dropped right down to 2000. (The turret value was 470). This happened again when I retried it.
  2. I also tried changing the VP needed. The text editor seems to have a bug - when you delete the initial figure the value resets itself to ‘1’, which is undeletable. Again, I retried this and the same thing happened.

hmmm…i shall investigate immediately…

edit: yes will be fixed in 1.007, this is a bug affecting some of the main game scenarios too, such as el alamein, where you can have starting supplies above the supply cap…

Thanks for the quick fix!