Market Analysis and Customer Thoughts Correlation

I’ll explain my current scenario in the game and hopefully someone can point out what I am missing/ not understanding.

Currently I have 15 or so budget sedans sitting in my showroom along with 5 or 6 other body types (van, truck, compact, sports car etc.) Customer thoughts show 80% of the customers who viewed the budget sedans preferred a different body style. When I check the market analysis it shows there are 9 customers/hr for the budget sedan but sold/hour is 0.
How I interpret the above info is 9 customer/hr are looking to buy a budget sedan specifically, but none are buying it. Then combine that with the customer thoughts, they aren’t buying it because 80% of them prefer a different body style. I assume body style means they want a different vehicle like a truck, van, etc…

So what am I missing? It seems to me the game is saying there are customers wanting to buy budget sedans, but customers are also looking for a different body style.