Market meltdown event is out of control

This event is great on its own, what I think is out of control is the frequency. It seems to be triggering at least once a term for me, resulting in the global economy never actually getting into the boom side of the boom/bust cycle before the next market meltdown triggers.

I’d suggest reducing the trigger frequency and/or give us some policy levers to do it ourselves, e.g. banking regulation, financial transaction taxes, etc. Something else to consider would be to add some upside random events to balance it out, things like a bull stock market event, or things like major oil field discovered, gold rush, etc. that help move the global economy back towards the boom side of the cycle.

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Have to agree with you on all points here, the global economy is always in the dump. I know that in reality that’s been the case lately, but when I play 10 terms I expect to see some boom too. It also stays too low for way too long as well, I frequently see it flat line at the bottom of the graph for a lot of turns, sometimes even half the graph before it starts to rebound.

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I would also like to see this adjusted if possible. I guess it is there to give the game some more challenge, but it does seem to fire every 2-3 years which (who knows?) may be what the future holds but I hope not.

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The economic cycle does seem a little fast. The global economy in games I’ve played seems to crash every 2-3 years. It could simply be underlying speed of the economic model - or as you say, due to the Market Meltdown event.

If the market meltdown event is firing too often for your tastes, try modifying this file (or local equivalent):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 3\data\simulation\events\MarketMeltdown.txt

An explanation of the event modding at:

(I’m still trying to figure out if the minister’s factions can be modified through modding.)

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Part of the trigger requirement for the Market Meltdown effect is whether the game thinks that you are “winning” or not. If you’re doing really well, the global economy will tank.

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thats fine as a game balance mechanic.

Is the reverse true (on lower difficult?) that if your in a spot of bother the global economy might spike up to take the pressure off?

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Has this been addressed in the new game?