Marketing & Malpractice not installable


i bought Marketing & Malpractice at Humble Bundle but don’t get a download offered. There is only a download for the base-game which seems not include features from the DLC.
Same on Steam (after using the Key from Humle Bundle). Marketing & Malpractice appear in the DLC-list but is grayed out and “Not installed”.

OK this is really strange I will look into this. Sorry about this.

OK, fixed the issue on Steam. Sorry about that.

I will get my publisher to look into the missing download link via Humble.

No problem :slight_smile:
Steam-version is working now.


I just purchased the Marketing and Malpractice expansion vis the humble widget on the big pharma home page, downloaded the drm free installer via the link provided and tried to use it to update my current big pharma install, the installer ran ok fired up big pharma but the expansion wasnt installed.

Big Pharma Version 1.04.00 (non steam)
Windows 10 X64

Marketing and Malpractice installer:
BigPharma_Marketing_and_Malpractice_Installer.exe 422kb MD5 c13a080d8afbd8ae0dd36556ecd33f27

Is this the same problem? (of a missing installer) I should also mention my base game was installed via the installer from BMT Micro

Hi TheKitchenSink, you need to upgrade the base game to the latest version for it to interface with the expansion properly. If you use the same link you originally downloaded the game with from BMT you should get the latest version (1.06.06).

I’m sorry I have not made this clearer. I’ll add a note to the buy page. Let me know if you continue to have problems.

Interessting. I still don’t have an option to download the DLC from Humble Bundle.

PS.: It seems Linux-Version is still 1.06.05 at Humble Bundle.

No Problem

all working now so thanks for that :slight_smile:

prior to installing M&M i actually ran the base game to see if ther was any autoupdates for it (which it didn’t notify me about/didnt try updating itself) - im not sure if that was by design or just bad luck on my part that it didnt pick up an update

Many thanks for you help and for created a great game (even if it doesn eat lots of my time)

You’re very welcome The Kitchen Sink.

Right you are Roidal, standalone version is 1.06.05. Steam is 1.06.06 because there was a last minute Steam-only bug that needed fixing.

We’ve emailed Humble about fixing that link but unfortunately it’s not something we can do at our end so it’ll get fixed when their support guys can get round to it. They are normally pretty fast though.

Roidal, quick clarification, which of the following (if any) describes the issue at Humble?:

  1. There is a link for the expansion but the file the link points to is just a copy of the base game instead of the expansion.
  2. The link for the expansion just doesn’t appear at all. There is only a link for the base game which you also own.

Seeing a screenshot would be tremendously helpful. Obviously you should cut out any sensitive information before posting.

Sorry, it was not meant to stress, i wondered how Kitchen Sink was able to download the DLC :slight_smile:

Second one. There is only the base game in the library, conaining the link to the base-game only, and 2 steam-keys (basegame and DLC).

Same problem here with Humble Bundle and the installables for Windows:

  • Just one link for the base game installable (version 1.6.05)
  • Two Steam keys, for the base game and the DLC

Have placed a support request, but apart from some automatically generated answers, have received no response of real use for the time being (24 hours later).

Well, the download link for the DLC installable has finally shown up at Humble Bundle!

Can confirm that!

Thanks @TwiceCircled.

Ah good, Humble must have got it fixed. The system works! :wink:

Sorry, piggybacking a little, this is a related question but for Windows.

Was there supposed to be a direct download option through Humble Bundle for Windows as well? There was no warning about it on their store page and since I purchased the game through BMT Micro last year and never intended for it to be on Steam at all, so I had just sent in a refund ticket earlier this evening. probably does this just fine, but they wouldn’t allow the expansion to be purchased unless you had purchased the base game through them. Does that mean that if there’s no direct download for Windows through Humble Bundle that there isn’t any way to purchase a DRM-free version of just the expansion?

Weird! The link for downloading the DLC is missing again in Humble Bundle!

The DRM-Free Symbol on the Shop-page ( … alpractice) disappeared too.

OK this is really weird.

@cgmoo, to be really clear: it is definitely possible to play Big Pharma and its expansion completely DRM free and the Humble widget is the perfect way to do that. It just looks like the Humble guys are having weird issues at their end.

We pushed an update out with some bug fixes for the standalone version at the end of last week and I suspect this has messed up their system again. I will get my publisher to send them another email and get it sorted out.

Sorry about this, but don’t fear. You can definitely play the game DRM-free.

By the way, we are keeping the BMT micro link you were sent updated too, so make sure you download a fresh copy of the base game too to make sure everything plays nicely together.

Still not possible to download the DLC from Humble Bundle.