How is marketing supposed to work. I build marketing group and accumulate a bunch of new ideas but have no idea how to spend them. How is the marketing and marketing group supposed to work?

As I understand it currently. Your marketing department generates a certain currency called unused ideas per hour. You also need to research the type of marking, print, tv, movies, and once you have researched this you then combine a certain number of unused ideas and $$$ to run a marketing campaign. The campaign lasts a few days, and it generates higher brand awareness. What this does is increase the number of customer to the shop floor. In turn I would imagine this modifies the sale curve a bit to make it easier to sell cars. Or rather provides more customer, i.e. more demand at whatever price level you currently have. You can add multiple marketing departments to generate unused ideas faster. If you have the money you can run multiple marketing campaigns. With more research you get access to campaigns that are lower cost or that are more effective, more bang for the buck.

Thank you for the information Steve, really appreciate it

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