Marxist Economics(Major Mod)

In a capitalist economy, there is a money system, GDP effected by profit, etc

however a marxist economy has a labour vocher system, GDP effected by labour, etc.

I will make:
a non-removable policy, Money vs Labour Vochers(note Labour Vochers will produce income as the labour vochers given to a person in return for labour is ballenced on a lobur standered(IE the labour that they do backs up the labour vochers they get therefor eleminated most loses)
Modifing GDP effects
a statistic that shows amount of labour and increases profits
National Saliry Board
Max Income Policy(non-removable)
Min Income Policy(non-removable)
and more

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interesting idea. in what ways could the government invest in the economy and/or control it?

a marxist economic system dosnt require a state… but it can have one.

the state will be able to regulate wages, currenecy, etc…

What about state controlled banking, and arent primary industries supposed to be nationalized in marxist economics (from what i remember from the communist manifesto).

well, nationalization, or direct workers control, btw its ALL industrys.

it has to be “in the control of the workers”, nationalization isnt the only way to do it.

ok, I think I got this figgered out.

there would be 4 hidden simulations: state/direct, socialism/capitalism and 4 visible ones: state capitalism, state socialism, market capitalism, and direct socialism.

state/direct would decrease/increase state/direct and vice versa for socialism/capitalism.

state capitalism and state socialism/direct socialism and market capitalism would be dependent on state/direct, so if direct is at 75%, direct socialism, and market capitalism would split that 75% based on socialism/capitalism’s values( vice versa etc etc)(lets say it ends up being 25% direct socialism and 50% market capitalism).

wow, i got so excited seeing this topic. capitalist economics can be quite annoying most of the times. so how is this mod going? i know nothing about modding but maybe i can learn some things. so, do you want any help?

I would actually love to see this mod. Any timeframe yet on when it’s completed? If you need help just shout out

Looks like this thread has been dead (except for last comment and mine) since 2009. If anybody else would be willing to attempt such a dramatic overhaul of the game, I would be interested to see the mod.

As would I Radman! I’d love to see a whole host of Marxist/socialist policy mods. Collectivised farming (ranging from a few state-owned farms to complete community ownership of all land etc), a new tweaked nationalisation of industry mod, market regulation policies, maximum wage policy etc. I love the state/direct - capitalist/socialist idea. Hopefully something will come of it! I think we need an office of full-time modders creating new policies! :smiley:

Sorry I never did this mod and my understanding of marxism was limited at the time, maybe in Dem3 ill do it, but I doubt it, my life is now more concerned with college and activism.