Mass upgrade sweep.

I had fun playing and building the lines, but I have find a bump in my fun time, The upgrading, sure when i only have like 20 stations it was fine, but when it became round 40 or more it felt very grinding.

Why not add in a sweep that dose all the upgrades for you if you have the money.

and i will like to point this thread out too viewtopic.php?f=54&t=18428

if we can do mass upgrade and can pick and choose of all the station what upgrade shall be apply to the car then we can mass make that one car then we can switch to make a new one and so on.


looks like it also related to this post.

With all the time that has passed since this post I’ld like to add a checkbox for ‘Fit all new slots with this upgrade’ to make the researched upgrade to be stanrdard for future slots.

E.g. if you unlocked the ‘Power Efficiency’ you can upgrade all existing Power Plants and High Output Power Plants as soon as you finish the research (by clicking on ‘Upgrade all’) and ensure that the next power generators (by activating the ‘Fit all new slots with this upgrade’) will use this upgrade without buying it for each newly placed station again and again.