mass upgrade

It would be really helpful to be able to upgrade all of the generators at once without having to click on that each one to choose by efficiency upgrade. This would be helpful for buying robots as well

same here

this is a must! a lost about two hours of my life simply upgrading everything when i decided to rebuild my factory

Hey folks,

as I understand and also would prefer is the chance to upgrade all related stations at once right when a research has been completed.
In this case I’ld like to have additional informaitons on the ‘Research Complete!’ screen:

  • how many stations are affected
  • total cost of the upgrade (and available budget)
  • total effect of the upgrade to the existing stations

So it would be the players decision to select/activate the ‘upgrade all’ check box before hitting the ‘Choose Next Research Project’ button.

Kind regards

I like the idea, but I would also want to play devils advocate here quickly.

What if in the future you get ‘contracts’ to build a car with certain specifications (not only just certain items, but also certain prices) where a Upgrade All kind of feature would actually hinder you (especially because you currently cant downgrade a slot)?

What I would suggest is actually just getting rid of the second Upgrade screen entirely and add the upgrades to the basic slot info. Then just add a simple checkbox UI to make the upgrade. It would be useful for upgrading multiple features at once and give you an easy overview of what your slot has or doesn’t have.

UI design can be kind of tricky. The system in place right now is very easy to understand, but isn’t particularly user friendly. But just adding a neat little list with check boxes not only reduces the number of clicks you need to make to achieve a goal, but makes the UI pack much more information while really just filling up the same amount of space (or less).

Right now there is a spot to see which upgrades are active, so it wouldn’t be too big a difference.

+1 to this, I was just about to post this about the upgrades