Master Mod List

Got inspired by the Paradox Forum to make a clear list with all mods for Democracy 3.

If you want your mod added to the list just post it and in what category it should go in.
If you want to add a Version Number to the mod so everyone can see if there is something new, just write it into your post.
Mods will never be removed from this list unless the author asks me to do so OR the link becomes broken and no longer works. This is so that even inactive, unsupported mods still get recognition.

When is a Mod an Overhaul?

  • A mod is an Overhaul when it changes the game in such particular way that the gameplay is heavily different than the vanilla gameplay.

General Overhaul:

Synergy Modpack + Overrides (new) - voskhod

Custom Countrys:

Poland - dcosta
Greece - dcosta
Republic of Ireland - dcosta
Greece - dcosta
Scotland - dcosta
Portugal - dcosta
Portugal - AlexandrePinho
Monkey Island - Raffmonster
Bulgaria - kradulov
Czechia - Athor
Italy - amedeo80
Croatia - dakydaky
Estonia - timmiolen
Sweden - BDZR
Poland - FaJ
Romania - Ogaburan
Utopia - Gram123
Denkmark - Monkeyclass
Arstotzka - Velken
Hungary - molace
Russia - amingst
Argentina - Joacp335
Finland - Hedyx
Austria - Aegis
Japan - sudo
Serbia - Todor
Greek 2011 - Xietanu
Independent Wales - BabyJesusAsACat


Socialist Reform - Chromeo & Kjulo
Social Engineering Plus - Gigik
Industrial Evolution - Gigik
Economic Realism! - Planicorn
Superpower - joaco335
State Programs Mod v1.0 - joaco335
Corruption Mod v1.1 - joaco335
Propaganda Mod v1.0 - joaco335
International Culture Policies V0.3 - francopc
Cycling Infrastructure Policy v1.1 - MattJackson
LGBTQ Rights v1.2 - Elinor
More Policies v1.1 - Ulq
Electricity Mod - bankrot
Disaster and Emergency Situations Pack v0.2 - Elinor


General Flavour:

Black Swan Mod; Dilemmas & Events - Gikgik
List of current ruling political parties by country - Metatron


The Palace Mod - Gikgik


[WIP]German Localization - mindvampire

Tutorials/Information about Modding

Aegis Democracy 3 Mod Editor v0.20 - Aegis
Modding Tool - Kohrnel
Mod Making Tutorial v0.5 Alpha - Abs
Youtube Tutorial Playlist - Monsterraff
Cross platform Modding Guidelines - urkle
Icon Creation - Elinor
Official Modding Guide
Some new modding features - cliffski

I think this is a nice idea if it can be kept up-to-date. I wonder if there is maybe a better longer term solution though, like a wikia or something? I’m not really an expert in that area though. Also, minor point, the LGBTQ Rights mod is actually by me.


Thanks for the feedback, my thought about the list was that the forum is the main place for searching a mod. I will do my best to keep the topic up-to-date.

I corrected my mistake, thanks for the hint.

Good work on making the list(and thanks for listing my mod)
Maybe you should include the post where Elinor talks about icon creation? (If he authorizes it ofc)

It would be helpfull if some Moderator can stick the topic so everyone can see it easily.

Yeah I missed some mods or precious informations. I just added everything that said “MOD”.

I posted this to discuss better organization of the forums, and while I do think that this thread is great, I think that maybe adding a new subforum for only completed mods and keeping this one for mods in discussion would really help clean the place up!

Until then, thanks for your efforts! I found the icon tutorial mod because of this thread.


I’m joining the club with a Sweden Mod!

Thanks for the compiled list. Helped me enjoy the game and create my mod.

I guess I’ll join:

Want to join :slight_smile: Balance / Gameplay

Alright, everything is now up-to-date. =)

Add me to the country list… :smiley: made an custom country (Estonia)

Please add my North and South Korea mod(work in progress) to Unreleased.
And my List of current ruling political parties by country to Miscellaneous. Thanks!

I update my mod! Culture To V0.3!

Done. Thanks for making my work easier. =)

I have done Italian mod and i wanti to share it with you to play togheter or improve it, how to do it?

This topic has the purpose to list all mods. The discussions are in the mod specific topics.
When you want your mod on the list just ask for it and i will add your mod to it. (Already done)

Everyone who wants to help you will write in your topic or send you a pm.

I join the club with a Bulgaria mod - viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8776

can you remove south american countries under unreleased, I am no longer working on that

No sooner said than done!

hi, is still working on the [WIP] German Localization mod?
hallo , wird an dem [WIP]German Localization mod noch gearbeitet?