[=- Master Wish List -=] GSB 2.0


(or find someone who know enough in programming to do it automatically XD)

Teleportation abilities
Bording crew and defences
Drone construction facilities (A module that “generate” new temporary fighter)


This has always been my intent, though I would expect that many if not all mods (certainly mine) may require some reimagining depending on the features available for GSB 2.0.

But then, that’s half the fun of modding!


I think you’re pointing in the right direction, mate, and for the very reasons quoted above.

Regarding somehow waving a magical wand and making GSB mods that depend on a 2009 codebase somehow become compatible with GSB2 and its projected 2014/2015 codebase, I would not want to rely on that actually happening. As seen here

I’d be quite surprised if such functionality exists in the sequel game. I’m sure cliffski will correct me if needed, but I have a very hard time imagining that it would be easy to make the newer game compatible enough with the older game such that our present mods can function. While the goal is praiseworthy, I think that there would be a large amount of frustrating programming needed on the back end to make it a playable reality, and I don’t want the new game to suffer on account of forcing it to carry too much of the old game within it.

Of course, Cliff’s future effort to determine what constitutes “too much” is going to be interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a thought I had this morning that I would like to see in GSB2, if only for the potential it could give to modders:

Pulse drives. This would be an engine that fires for awhile, then goes into a “cooldown mode” and goes inert for a time. (In GSB 1 terms, I think of it as adding the consumption and recharge variables from the camouflage shield.)

There wouldn’t necessarily have to be any engines of this type included in the base game to make me happy (although that would be cool as well), just the capability to add this type of functionality.

[size=50](My inspiration for this was the Leviathan’s “StarBurst” from Farscape. Make an engine with absurdly high thrust that only fires in short bursts, and quite infrequently.)[/size]


Ha, finally dug my password up to post in this thread:
MAKE THE COMBAT SYSTEM DETERMINISTIC, at least to an extent that would allow the same game run on 2 computers, with the same starting file, end the same way.
Why? It’s the easiest way I can think of to add “live” multiplayer to a game, while retaining the core GSB feeling. Think Ramcat and I had a few ideas for stuff like this.

EDIT: I booted GSB up again last night for the first time in a few months, and realized what would make this game an auto-preorder for me. Even if GSB2 was a near perfect clone of GSB1, if it had 3D battles. That alone would make me shell out $60 for it, and never look back


Another largely mod-centric idea, but one that I think has potential:

Overcharged weapons. These would be weapons that, when fired, also lash back some damage into the firing ship. I think it’s got potential for some strategic (tactical?) decisions; do you make a vessel that could very well blow itself to kingdom come, on the chance that it will wipe out some of your enemies first? This would also be another possible balancing tool for modders.


Just checked the whole topic, and there is something very important that we are missing!

Additional/Unlimited Teams:

GSB currently has only “1 vs 1/green vs red/you vs ai/insert-new-here” style battles, and works pretty nice. But… what about a third team?
NPC transports, civilians, allies, new enemies, dangerous environments [size=85](a hull shaped as an asteroid with kamikaze capabilities, or a nebulae looking hull with radioactive modules!)[/size], or whatever you want!.
By adding just a single extra AI to a battle, and make possible to mod if they will be friendly, neutral or agressive would open to us all, modders and players, a whole new world of possibilities, going from simplistic 1 vs 1 vs 1 (aka Free For All, or Deathmatch) battles to more complex battle styles like transport escort, interception, target hunt, 2 vs 1 and… well, think u got the point =)
All of that by only adding one single extra AI… imagine to add another one, and a third one?
What about, idk, 10 AIs, combined with direct control, you could make your “Hero” ship and inmerse in some Deathmatch carnage against other AIs, or even players, but i think i’m going a[size=85] little[/size] [size=68]bit[/size] [size=50]too[/size] [size=30]far… :P[/size]

Only one extra AI for GSB 2.0, and i (or we) will be a really really happy modder :stuck_out_tongue:


decouple turn rate from speed, especially if limited arc weapons are going to happen

decouple armor resistance from the hitpoints of the armor module

  • alternatively provide a way to manipulate the order in which non-armor modules take damage (though that would spill over to affect lots of other parts of the metagame)

decouple art assets from gameplay effects, i.e. hull size for purposes of weapon tracking and the sprite

change the way multiple shields stack, its so infuriating when so often 5 modules will be completely destroyed while 3 of the 4 shields on the cruiser are at full strength


I am only really interested in GSB2 as a tactical resolution system at the heart of a ‘proper’ 4X TBS. I think that could be a great game, while recognising it is also a big game (and therefore maybe too big for Cliffski to commit to).


If you want to play a 4x game that’s got big space ships exploding go play Sins. GSB’s all about space ships, blowing each other up. I’d be happier if he made it well, GSB2.0 not “something inspired by GSB.” Besides, the campaign almost makes it like a 4x game.


A Capacitor would be nice.

To elaborate: I’m talking about a power supply independent to the Ship Design power, one that fluctuates with ever fire of weapons and use of Repair drones*.

This may or may not introduce a new type of module, a capacitor power generator. It could also simply become a stat as part of the current power generators.

*Ability to use Capacitor rather than ‘fuel’ in a repair module. Pretty straight forward, but useful.


Ammunition replenishing modules. These modules will convert capacitor to ammunition. :slight_smile:


Improved collision detection.

An improved system for collision detection that allows the engine to detect the edges of a ship so that staggering uber-dreadnaughts are not rendered immune by simply being large.
if not a hardcoded thing then it could be a polygonal based system.
it would be something togglable, smaller ships such as corvettes, and destroyers, and frigates would not need to worry about this.

It could be done with an ingame editor,or typed manually by finding coordinates in a graphics editor, sort of like the hard-points of the ship. here is an example made with an overlay above the Federation fox frigate to show how it might be able to work


The ability to designate modded in ship classes. It would be like Modname/data/classes. the player would need to create .txt files in order to build new classes, and might have configurable settings ie.
ClassName = “Classname” The name of your new ship class
ClassEquip="Fighter/Frigate/Cruiser* Tells the game what vanilla modules that the ship can equip, on top of your modded classes, leave blank if you want it it use it’s own equipment
ClassSize=“Tiny/small/medium/large/huge” How large the game considers your ship. probably less useful, broadens how the engine classes targeting
ClassBehaviour=“Tank/Command/Fighter/Frigate” How the Ai Driver Behaves
Cantarget=“tiny/small/medium/large/huge” this would also be quite usefull in as a weapon setting,maybe not as a ship setting
Is a carrier=“TrueFalse” Weather the ship can behave like a carrier, if false then carrier bays will not appear in selection menues


Wish #1 would be an improved challenge UI giving players the ability to filter (rather than sort) by map, challenger name, difficulty, enemy or a combination of these.

Wish #2 would be far greater differentiation between the races, both in terms of hull bonuses and module selection.

Wish #3 would be expanding the supply limits feature to hulls, ie limiting players to X frigates, Y cruisers and Z fighters on certain maps.


that wish 1 sounds like it would be simple to implement, there’s already what can only be describe as filters for showing what was posted for you and what not


An idea sparked by discussions elsewhere in the forum:

Where GSB1 has just “Attack” orders for each class, how about splitting it into “Attack” for the gunner AI and “Pursue” for the driver AI? That way you can not only tell the driver to ignore those pesky fighters, you can choose whether the gunners should ignore them as well, or whether pot-shots are OK?



I want to create this topic to ensure, that the upcoming GSB 2 will be the game that all of us want it to be. Therefore I want to point out, what I missed in GSB and what should most definitely be a part of GSB2. Up and foremost GSB was about customization and explosions. The explosion part was pretty much straight forward and I think I don’t need to point out, that bigger explosions are better. Alas, the customization part of the game only extended to the loadout of the spaceships. To make a succesful succesor, there has to be more customization. The best way to go is (in my opinion) a kind of tech tree. My proposal is the following:


At the start of the game, you create a character. This character will be your Fleetadmiral and gathers experience during the course of the game. You will have to chose the race (or affiliation) of the Fleetadmiral. This will obviously determine which kind of ships you can build/outfit. For example if you create a Rebel Fleetadmiral, you will commandeer a Rebel fleet.
Every Fleetadmiral has a Tech-Tree. This Tech-Tree may vary from Race to Race, but this is not mandatory. Because the single most important thing is, that you cannot unlock every perk of that Tree. Much like in Diablo 2. This way you can create a unique Admiral. If you want to try a different approach, you will have to create another Fleetadmiral. Of course you can have an unlimited ammount of Fleetadmirals. They represent the “saveslot” from which you jump into your current game. I imagine such a Tech-Tree in this fasion:


The unlocking of new modules in GSB was kind of clunky and very counterintuitive. Because of this, I propose a seperate Tree to unlock new modules. Other than the Tech-Tree for your Fleetadmiral, you should be able to unlock every possible module. But this should take a long time, to encourage the player to tech in a fashion he finds the most beneficial. I imagined this Tree in this kind of fasion:

[size=150]Mission Design[/size]

The whole game should center arround a Galaxy-Conquest-Mode, which was introduced to GSB kind of late . Also, there should be some custom Missions. In the likes of those with which GSB was released. But this is not that important. More important is some kind of ‘Random-Encounter’ or ‘Quick-Battle’ mode, which you can use to fight a quick battle if you don’t have time to play in Galaxy-Conquest-Mode.


These are the most important things I could think of at the moment. Feel free to comment on my proposals :wink:

Mfg Eich


one idea would be module customization.

ofcourse it isnt hard to make a new module by editing some text files, but what if we got something similar to the unit design in GTB where you pick components that decide what kind of weapon, how accurate, how fast it reloads, hitpoints, etc and then you save this turret and you can place them on ships.

this could extend to other modules aswell. shields where you can pick components that decides regen, hitpoints and strength.

it would add a whole new layer of customization and personalization of fleets in GSB 2.0


to the post above this one:
unfortunately i didn’t have time to read all of it
but it looks a little too elaborate for what GSB is trying to be


I still think the biggest plus would be to have either the ability to write orders per weapon system (that it actually follows, so no attack fighters means it will NOT SHOOT AT FIGHTERS), and or the ability to have weapons that will only shoot at defined target classes (the module would say targets=frigate,cruiser, for example, and that weapon would NEVER fire at anything else.).