Maybe public transport should reduce inequality?

Interesting article here based on academic study: … =SFTwitter

Just a US-relevant study? or global? I guess it depends on local private provision. In some Asian countries we see the cheap and cheerful tuk-tuk making transport relatively cheap, but is it still too expensive? are there any good examples of a purely private transport system offering equal transportation access to all regardless of relative income?

Should Democracy 3 have bus usage and rail usage reduce inequality?

Some of the ways are outlined in this article in general: … ty-britain

I heard that the Dubai transport system has a number of innovations and advantages, but it is more commercial and there is also more to work on, in terms of accessibility. I also did a little research about such system in the UK, which you can find on

Read another article on this topic in US: … ty/393419/

Hello everyone, was interesting to read your article. Usually i’m reading New York Times, but now i will read you too!