Mechanics clarification request - Optimum Range

Could we get an explanation of optimum range, and specifically where it’s measured from?

I’m not 100% sure but I get the impression that optimum range is measured from the hull’s position rather than the turret’s? Is that right? Am I correct in assuming that optimum range increases damage?

I’m not sure and I’m curious about some of the results I’ve been getting.

Range is calculated from the turret, if you click on the weapon icon during a battle a range circle appears showing max and min range for each weapon.
Also optimal range is the same as max range and I think weapon damage is the same at any range. Not sure about accuracy.

Optimum range is always lower than maximum range, from what I’ve seen. Regular range is measured from the turret, but I suspect optimum range isn’t from some ‘time to take down armoured ship’ tests.

Optimum range is normally around 70% of max range, but its customisable on a per-weapon basis. It affects the chances of hitting the target, but not the damage that is done, at least not yet anyway.

Wow. Accuracy is important, then.

It reduces a ‘kill this armour monster in 1:30’ to ‘kill it in 1:00 or even 0:45’.

Makes sense, I suppose, but it’s significant.

But what I want to know is, is it measured per turret or by the hull?

That sort of makes sense, the number of misses that I see is quite dramatic; multi-missiles seem almost useless without a target painter, and I seem to get about 30% hit rate with unmodified beams.

I’m a bit unsure about optimum range affecting damage for all weapons, it wouldn’t really make sense for missiles. For beams etc, it would make sense though.

I don’t remember seeing Optimum range for missiles…

Also, multi-missiles hit slow cruisers without needing a target painter just fine. If anything, it’s the standard missiles that have trouble, as they’re slow AND slow tracking. They don’t even have the megaton missile advantage of tons o’ damage.

I think missiles in general might be improved if they could have more than one volley on the field at once… Currently, their reload times are almost always faster than the missile travel time.

Hmm, in that case, in the box where we tune the engagement range for our ships, can we have the optimum range displayed as well as the maximum range?

Seconded. I’d also like to mention the class-specific default orders idea again. I like tweaking orders as much as the next guy, but setting bombers to ignore fighters and target frigates at long range every single time is not so thrilling.