Mechas {dying due to no skill on the mods}

Remake, thanks…

Fighters: These are the values not including the usual bonuses.

Scorpion Mechfighter
Appearance: Looks, well, read the name. Quite understandable.
Honor Cost: 6000
Weapon slots - 2
Other slots - 3
Shield integrity is 15% better.
Weight - 3.00
Cost: 45
Power Gained: 4.0

Mechanized Turbofighter {begins unlocked}
Appearance: A clone copy of the federations falcon fighter, with the exception of the color.
Weapon slots - 1
Other slots - 3
Speeds are 15% faster.
Weight - 1.00
Cost: 35
Power Gained: 3.0

Mechanized Prowler {begins unlocked}
Appearance: Like the rebels achilles fighter, but a different color.
Weapon Slots - 2
Other Slots - 2
Hull integrity is 15% stronger.
Weight - 2.00
Cost: 50
Power Gained: 5.0

Mech Fighter Special - SHIELDS!!

Fighter Shields MkI
Unlock Cost: 700
Desc: Most races thought it was simply impossible to minuturize shields sufficiently to accomodate them in fighters, but when the mechs began employing such technologies, it gave many races a dreadful shock.
Cost: 20
Weight: 3.00
Hitpts: 15.00
Power Consumed: 1.00
Sh Strength: 15
Shield Resist: 3.00
Regain Rate: 1.00

Fighter Shields Mk2
Unlock Cost: 1400
Desc: It was bad enough for a mech fighter to posess even the MKI but when the mechas began using mk2, their fighters were, impossibly enough, even defending versus cruizers of all things!
Cost: 50
Weight: 5.00
Hitpts: 25.00
Power Consumed: 3.00
Sh Strength: 25
Shield Resist: 5.00
Regain Rate: 3.00

Fighter Shields Mk3
Unlock Cost: 2100
Desc: When the mechas finally made a supershield for their fighters, the classic fighters were facing a virtual nightmare. Even whole fleets of fighters wouldnt stand a chance versus their newest shield, except with missles.
Cost: 80
Weight: 7.00
Hitpts: 35.00
Power Consumed: 7.00
Sh Strength: 45
Shield Resist: 8.00
Regain Rate: 5.00


Also, you misplaced the decimal point its… .05%, not half a percent.

Its a fine idea, but whats stopping you from making this yourself?

Not familiar with the language… or how to implement.

The language is plaintext english, and several modders don’t even speak it a a first language. Its simple enough to do with GIMP and notepad and an hour of time.

the lazyness is strong in this one…

must… direct… lazy… noob… to… famously hilarious… [size=150]“DOWNLOADABLE HULLS PLZ”[/size] thread…
At least this the original poster of this thread doesn’t write his requests in all caps…
But that’s the only good thing he has to his credit…

Its not laziness but inability. I am more a conceptual imagineer, and less a coder.

Pick one. But either way, we don’t work for you.

GSB’s files are honest-to-God the easiest I’ve ever modded. Hands down, and I’ve modded plenty of games before, some requiring packaging tools and hex editors. Here you can literally paint a pretty picture and have it in the game in two minutes, tops. Use other ships as templates and change numbers and picture files. You can literally have a test or dummy ship in the game in 5 minutes, with customized stats. Making your own graphic design is the hardest part by far.

or maybe finding the coordinates of every… single… damagepoint… explosion… turret… engineglow.

Without the ull editor, of course :smiley: But mac no have pouts So I hope you aren’t mac?

You’re kidding, right?

Newsflash: You can run the GSB Hull Editor on a Mac. Here’s how…

Users of Apple computers with an Intel CPU inside (not the obsolete PowerPC CPU) have access to powerful virtual-machine apps like Bootcamp, VMware Fusion and the excellent Parallels. As long as you didn’t cheap-out and buy a Mac with a feeble amount of RAM, you can use any of these three to install a fully functional version of Windows (note: separate Win install cd needed) that will work within OS X! I use Parallels for times when I want the Hull Editor for some task or another, instead of hand-editing the ship graphics. Running it in this way is dead simple.

yes, but that means that I need to buy another OS. I recently updated to Snow Leopard, and I am planning to do the same with Lion (or maybe not, doesn’t look as good), and I don’t want another OS. I have had this computer many, many years, and it is full of stuff. It has about 1 GB left and, no offense to any PC users, I don’t want to “waste” it on another OS. I simply wish there was an easier way. However it is not impossible to make my own hull editor outside of the game, which is why I am learning Python.

Wasabi, a hull editor is on my list, so if you get anywhere with that then give me a shout :wink:

Oh dear Lord please let this be true! :smiley: A replacement for the very dodgy official hull editor would be most welcome, especially if it’s a cross-platform app.

python is :wink:
And I know for sure it coms with an applet bundler to make the script into a standalone mac app, and I think there is a .exe equivalent.

I offer the Windows package. I’d be happy for someone to package up into a “native” Mac application (what these do is zip up the python source and any libraries you need, the app itself is the python interpreter set up to execute the zipped up source).

Mine’s a tricky situation: I own a Mac for all of my regular computing, but do not own or use the Mac version of the game. Instead, I run the Windows version of GSB on it via Crossfire Games, which is some manner of Wine emulator. I took that course of action when GSb was new so i wouldn’t have to wait a year (or perhaps forever) for a Mac port, as well as for the greatest compatibility with what’s long been going on with the game’s very active modding scene.

I do also use Parallels along with OS X, so in a pinch I could use a Win version of your planned hull editor. It takes extra time for me to migrate changes made to files in my Windows virtual machine “experimental” copy of GSB with my actual Win “for play” version in Wine/OS X, but that is one avenue open to me. I hope that my convoluted explanation made some sense.

edit: for clarity.

Just to be clear, I currently offer both the python source (which, in theory, will run anywhere) and a packaged windows version (for those unable or unwilling to run python apps themselves). The one missing is a Mac edition. Whichever one people want to use is good for me, and I’m happy for anyone to package the app up to use somewhere else more easily, as long as they let me know.

Thanks for the clarification. The absence of a native Mac version wouldn’t impact me. As for python apps, I’m not experienced with that as of yet. Then again, I routinely use GIMP, so (for example) running X11 apps on my Mac is almost trivial. Just give me a good enough “read me” file along with your app and everything should be just fine. I’m not a programmer by any stretch, but I did stay overnight at a Holiday Inn Express once. :stuck_out_tongue: