Medals not unlocking

I have several times picked up and played enough supply vehicles to earn the Procurement award but it still hasn’t activated. I also have fought well over 25 battles online but still have not received the Overseas medal. Any tricks to getting these to pop?

Is this a steam or a non steam copy? All happening on the same PC?

This is not a steam copy, I downloaded it directly from

I only play it on one PC.

I shall investigate… do the other achievements trigger ok?

edit: it looks like the procurement one is a bug, which will be fixed in the next patch, but I can’t see why the overseas medal isn’t triggering for you. You need to play each battle right through to victory or defeat for them to trigger.

So far the other achievements have unlocked, although there were occasional hiccups…for example the ones that require all battles to be completed on easy, medium and hard required me to fight one additional battle each once I had actually won the last battle. As far as the overseas medal, I have 25 wins showing as victory fingers in the online battle browser. I know that I have also fought several battles through to the end as losses, although I didn’t keep count of all those.

Glad to see you are right on top of it though!

Just unlocked the “Overseas” medal…while playing a local game against the AI.

and just now got the Procurement medal after placing a single supply truck.

I think I’ve fixed both of these issues for the next patch now.

Hi, my game was fine for the longest time, then it stopped updating both the medals, even though the last game i played said i won one, the so many tanks medal, i think. Anyway, also the game seems to have stopped updating the version of the game. I really didn’t want to have to uninstall and re-install the game, but may have to to see what will happen.

Oh, last update i have is the 1.011 version. I don’t have the 1.012 or the 1.013 ones yet. Which file did you delete to get it to update again? As that may be quicker and solve the problem rather than having to uninstall the silly thing and re-install it all over again. Thank you.



Ok, just uninstalled everything, even in the roaming folder and in the documents folder. No trace left, (perhaps except for registry, maybe…) anyway, then shut down and then re-started and installed again.

This time first bootup was clean, no fields had info in them yet (for profile)

So i put all my info in and closed the game, and re-started the game.

Ok, so now all my info is in, it picks up patch to 1.011 and that is all (yet you have 1.012 and 1.013 listed in the update area here)
Also, when checking medals, still same as before, only two listed when i was quite sure there were at least 3. Although when i deleted everything, i thought i saw 5 in the badges folder… hmmmm…

Ok, so now i am still at 1.011 and there is this steam_api.dll in my folder, when i bought my game through your site and BMT.


So what do i do now to get everything fixed? I can try to erase the computer and re-load everything… (God forbid!) but i don’t think it is something in the computer or some little system thing that is messing up. Anyway, any help and suggestions, fixes would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Maybe if we’d left it at 1.0 it would’ve been best say what?


The medals are stored on the server, tied to your username, so unless you change youyr username you shouyld never lose them.
Regarding only getting a single patch update, that is ultra weird. Can you see the list of challenges ok? I’m wondering if your copy is succesfully connecting to the server or not. It should only be capable of downloading the very latest patch, not an old one.

I have removed and then re-installed the game twice, over two days, and am still only getting the 1.011 update. As I said before there is a steam_api.dll in my list of files in the game, is that supposed to be there for BMT purchased games from your site (NOT STEAM)?

And if it would help, I would add it to steam, but from the problems i have been hearing about steam integration and the game, that is most frustrating. The challenge list you spoke of is populated in the game, but in the folder for challenge list (in my documents/gratuitous tank battles/) the folder is empty.

Are there internal settings i can set, or change that can test what may be wrong?
I am running vista, on a compaq laptop with Nvidia video card, 2 gb ram and had no problems before 1.011.

I have the copy from BMT that i have used to re-install, but it is only showing 0.97 or whatever state the game was in when you first released it.

I only have two updates in the patches folder the gtb_patch110-111.exe and gtb_patch111.exe
No others.

Shouldn’t i have all the others as well? Or does 11 have all of the previous patches as well?

Do you have a link with an updated copy if i can verify that i have purchased my copy?

If this version is not the steam copy, why does it have the steam_api.dll in the folder?
I tried removing it, but the game would not run without it. So i put it back.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is getting extremely frustrating. THank you.


P.S. I really think a manual download of patches needs to be added, so we all aren’t at the mercy (as we are now) of this silly “I’m not getting the patch from the server through the game sorta thing…”

I mean really, the in game update is cool and all, but lets get the problems done.

Manual downloads, even if they have to be verified, I don’t care, I can supply you with my purchase credentials if that is what you want, just get it so i can get the silly game updated.

Thank you,

Alright, pardon my dis-seeming attitude, but i have just uninstalled and re-installed my computer. And GTB is still only updating to 1.011, not the .012 or .013 patches you list on the changelog page. Which means that i am about to call it quits and ask for a refund and uninstall the game. If we can’t get a system that works reliably then I don’t care to purchase something that can’t be bothered to update properly


There’s no need for any abuse. You can just download the game entirely from the original purchase link, and that gets you an up to date pre-patched and final copy of the game.
I suggest doing that.