Mega factory

Hello fellow production line players. I have a factory i have been building and i wanted to you show the community it and see what people have to say about it.

I have a factory that is capable of producing a average of at least 200 cars an hour. my current record is 228. it is a all electric car factory. There is a estimated 2,00 cars in the production line at all times and about 4 cars are exported every minute in game. There is also a 0 defect /hour as well. i use what i call a 3 step check in quality. All cars go though the require process but then go though another visual check and then get fixed and another visual check then get checked again before going though the last part of being fixed again. at that point cars pass a smart junction which any at that point are defective go into a small fixing area before being put back on the main line. I manufacture all of the battery cells about 1200/ hour the battery modules 600/ hour and large and small battery packs in house at a lower cost. I also manufacture the electric power train and the ECU’s and electric motors in house.

It was important for me the bring and keep cost low for this factory because i had to try and sell a electric car in a budget market and still somehow be able to make a profit.

Here are some statistics and if i missed any feel free to ask any questions in here.

Cost of local manufacturing large battery pack 5,180 dollars Bring total resource cost to 4,919 subtracting the cost of a fuel tank. Import cost for a Large battery pack is 13,861

Total cost of local power train manufacturing 701 dollars bringing total resource cost to -231 subtracting the 931 dollar cost of purchasing the ICE power train

I produce a budget, mid-range and expensive model for both the sedan and SUV market
Profit margin for Sedans and SUV’s at at production rate of 207 cars an hour are as follows. Budget 27% making 6,828 /car Mid-Range 54% making 23,617 /car Expensive 62% making 42,461 /car SUV’s Budget 27% making 6,828 /car Mid-Range 54% making 23,617 /car Expensive 65% making 44,429 /car. I didn’t actually notice but some of them are the same lol.

Now on the money . Currently at the stated production rate income is 6,923 million/ hour expenses are 2,483 million/ hour profit of 4,440 million/ hour. Operating profit is the same at 4,440 million/ hour. This factory was tested in free play but total capital expenditure was 512 million dollars.

I plan on adding a additional line for sport and super car production and adding pickup, compact and mini van production on to the main line. If you would like the save game i can email it to you if you would like to try it out and see if my design and technique could be put into your factory. I cannot figure out how to upload screenshots to this or my save game if know how i can or even upload this to the workshop it so if you know how please say so.

200 Cars an hour is awesome.

There is a button to capture screen shots of the game as it sits on your screen. I believe it is right next to the graph button on the bottom. Right below the toggle on/off resource conveyors.

I imagine the hard part about your map is filling the center section with enough resources. Everything else is placed to the edge next to the resource conveyors. Unless that is the paint line. Then that is not to bad to fill i bet.

Great Job.


Yes it is hard to fill that is a current problem and design flaw of the factory. But I use very well placed resource conveyers to help solve this. I can email you the the factory to let you take a look at it. The upper left is the body shop where chassis and body is assembled. And the the battery components and power trains are manufactured then it is placed into the paint department. After that it is transported to the engine and accessories and then though quality. I am going to actually add another body shop on the right side of battery production and then add onto the power train assembly line. I also am adding a lower capacity line completely separated from the main bus. For sports and super car
Let me know

Here are some screenshots of all the different sections.