MegaMiniMod 1.01 RELEASED!!

Edit: Version 2.02 now released. Please check the 2.02 thread for info.
If you’re having crash issues getting into the MOD, usually on Windows 7/8/10, then use the saved games linked below. You can edit them in a text editor (notepad) to change the town name/forename/surname.


I have completed version 1.00 of the Kudos 2 MegaMiniMod Yay! Cheering! Woo!. I had intended to make this not long after Kudos 2 came out, but life got in the way. The file is a 2mb, self-extracting RAR that will override a large number (~140) of Kudos 2’s files. This mod contains every reasonable mod I could find on the Kudos 2 forums, plus much, MUCH more.

Special thanks to Corylea, jennikj, Parsec, sambrookjm, Severian for their contributions.
SuperSpecial thanks to Cliffski for making such an awesome and awesomely moddable game!

Installation Notes:

  1. Download via a link below
  2. Install Kudos 1.09, and I recommend removing old saved games (Documents\My Games\Kudos 2\savegames)
  3. Extract contents to the Kudos 2 directory
  4. Enjoy!

EXE: … nload=true
ZIP: … nload=true
TAR: … nload=true

“Template” Saved Games (due to a max of 3 URLs per post just add HTTPS to the front of this)

Change Log

1.01 (2010/04/10 - 2010/07/10)


  • Many teaching jobs now require both “Teaching” (evening class) and “Teaching Experience” (job training)
    as initially designed
  • Musical jobs now give both “xp_musical_" and "music_” as initially designed
  • Value of increase in music
  • Moved “School Lab Assistant” back into “Science” profession
  • Altered “teacherlife_good” and “teacher_good” for grammer
  • Increased pay for “High School Teacher” and “Science Teacher”

Social Events:

  • Included “literature” as an interested for “Book Club”
  • Eating Ice Cream now makes you fatter

Solo Activities:

  • Added “Do Odd Jobs”, available after 21 days. Only Solo Activity to INCREASE cash. Requires >30% energy.
  • Swimming decreases the amount of “stress”, “weight”, “weight” and
    increases the amount of"tiredness", “fitness”, and requires more “energy”
  • Have a Bath cost reduced to “1” from “2”


  • GV_REL_DEGRADERATE = “0.05” down from “0.07”
  • GV_SOCIALISE_ALONE_WITHOUT_PARTNER = “-0.075” down from “-0.15”
  • GV_LOSEGAME_CONFIDENCE = “-0.10” down from “-0.15”
  • GV_WINGAME_CONFIDENCE = “0.20” up from “0.17”
  • _CONFIDENCE_DEGRADE = “0.55” up from “0.42”
  • MIN_COLD_CATCH_CHANCE = “0.03” down from “0.05”
  • ILLNESS_CHANCE_SCALAR = “0.80” up from “0.75”
  • GV_FRIENDSCASH_MIN = “0.66” down from “0.75”
  • _MUSICAL_DEGRADE = “0.985” up from “0.98”
  • Added MUSICAL_JOB_SKILL_GAIN = “0.008”
  • Added MUSICAL_JOB_XP_GAIN = “0.01”


  • Changed WORKDAY_EARNINGS_COMMISSION = “…I took home , including from commission.”
  • Changed WORKDAY_EARNINGS_TIPS = “…I took home , including from tips.”
  • Added [SIGNOFF_NORMAL] “2 = Catchya later.”

1.00 (2010/03/15 - 2010/04/05)

Mods Included:

  • Included “Australian Restaurants”, mod by “Parsec”
  • Included social activities (5), by “Corylea”
  • Included social activities (4), by “jennikj”
  • Included social activity, by “sambrookjm”
  • Included social activity, by “Severian”
  • Included latest Crossword (currently only Legal is complete)
  • Included Expanded Names MKII Mod


  • Adjusted “newfriend.txt” and “lost_a_friend.txt” to be more generous and forgiving, respectively
  • Reduced “honesty” penalty from “falsely pleading poverty”, but increased the stress generated
  • Added increased “stress” and decreased “health” when mugged
  • Increased “confidence” and “happiness” when defeating the mugger
  • Mugging is now stopped with “Kung Fu (Purple)”, as opposed to “Kung Fu”. Knowing anything less than a
    purple belt is usually knowing enough to get your butt kicked, confidentally.
  • Decreased “happiness” lost from being turned away from a restaurant
  • Increased “happiness”, “kudos” lost and increased “stress”, “dishonesty” gained from Drunk Driving
  • Added 850 male first names
  • Added 900 female first names
  • Added 700 surnames
  • Added 820 town names (including cliffski’s beloved hometown :P)


  • Added profession type “Education”, with ~35 new jobs
  • Added 5 new “Music” top-end jobs
  • Added “teaching” skill
  • Added appropriate scripts to \scripts\jobs\
  • Added “teacher” to \jobevents\
  • Amateur musicians now make tips
  • Top musicians make a LOT more money
  • Changed all “Lawyer” jobs to be ~20-30% less stressful. Hopefully this will allow for evening classes
    whilst still working.
  • Moved “Junior Science Teacher”, “School Lab Assistant”, “Science Teacher” into the “Education” type
  • Renamed “SalesPerson” to “Sales Person”

Jobs Added (43):

  • Teacher’s Aide (2)
  • Acting Coach (2)
  • Tiered Martial Arts Instructor (4 tiers)
  • Kickboxing Instructor
  • Drunken Master (may not get job due to being TOO intoxicated [>=50%]. ENJOY!)
  • Life Coach
  • French Teacher (2)
  • Italian Teacher (2)
  • Esperanto Teacher
  • Language Instructor
  • High School Teacher
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Piano Teacher (3)
  • Drums Teacher (3)
  • Bass Guitar Teacher (3)
  • Guitar Teacher (3)
  • Saxophone Teacher (3)
  • “Bass in the Face” bassist
  • “Sparkle Motion” guitarist
  • “Drummin’ To The Core” drummer
  • “Bachandel Mozartychovski” pianist
  • “Saxing Your Mother” Saxophonist
  • Neuroscientist
  • Evolutionary Biologist
  • Virologist

Social Events (13):

  • Added “Movie Night”
  • Added “Play Boardgames”
  • Added “Play Darts”
  • Added “Watch a Video”
  • Added “Go Out For Coffee”
  • Added “Go Out for Ice Cream”
  • Added “Book Club”
  • Added “Talk on the Phone”
  • Added “Beach”
  • Added “Holiday Party”
  • Added “Sex”
  • Added “Group Learn Esperanto”, plus Esperanto skill
  • Added “Cow Tipping”
  • “Poker Night” now requires asset “Cards”

Solo Events (1):

  • Musical XP practice (all instruments) now degrade in accordance with _MUSICAL_DEGRADE (changed 0.96 to 0.98)
  • Added “Learn to Fly a UFO”

Evening Classes (10):

  • Added “Teaching”
  • Added “Kung Fu” (8)
  • Added “Esperanto”


  • GV_STARTINGCASH = “50.00” up from “30.00”
  • GV_BLOODALCOHOL_RECOVER = “0.04” up from “0.02”
  • GV_BOOKPAGESPERDAY = “45.00” up from “39”
  • GV_SNUBRELEFFECT = “-0.04” down from “-0.08”
  • GV_SOCIALISE_SNUB_PARTNER = “-0.06” down from “-0.08”
  • GV_SOCIALISE_SNUB_PARTNER_INTERESTED = “-0.12” down from “-0.16”
  • GV_SOCIALISE_ALONE_WITHOUT_PARTNER = “-0.15” down from “-0.24”
  • GV_ROMANCE_BUSTUP_THRESHHOLD = “0.20” up from “0.10”
  • GV_ROMANCE_BEGIN_THRESHHOLD = “0.70” up from “0.60”
  • GV_INITIALFRIENDS bumped to “5” from “4”
    (will assist in reducing inadvertent invite spamming)
  • GAMESKILL_DEGRADE = “0.98” up from “0.97”
  • Added _MUSICAL_DEGRADE = “0.98”


  • Added “nv_xp_teaching”
  • Changed nv_kungfu = “Kung Fu (Purple)”, due to inability of changing positive ‘mugging’ event
    prerequisite to anything other than nv_kungfu
  • Added nv_kungfuwhite = “Kung Fu (White)”
  • Added nv_kungfuyellow = “Kung Fu (Yellow)”
  • Added nv_kungfugreen = “Kung Fu (Green)”
  • Added nv_kungfubrown = “Kung Fu (Brown)”
  • Added nv_kungfuorange = “Kung Fu (Orange)”
  • Added nv_kungfured = “Kung Fu (Red)”
  • Added nv_kungfublack = “Kung Fu (Black)”
  • Added [POSTMORTEM_NPC_INTRO] “5. G’day”
  • WALKINPARK_SUNNY now refers to being “calm”, not “clam”


  • Added “Education” button to Jobs (
  • Altered “Other…” button to “Crap Jobs” (job_crapjobs)
  • Reorder the professions (alphabetical)
  • Added “”, “”, “” to \bitmaps\adverts\
  • Added “teacher”, “teacher2” and “teacher3”, “teacher4” to \adtemplates\
  • Added “teachermusic”, “teachermusic2” and “teachermusic3” to \adtemplates\
  • Added “teacheracting”, “teacherlife”, “teacherphysical” (4) to \adtemplates\

Assets (4):

  • Added “boardgames”
  • Added “cards”
  • Added “darts”
  • Added “ufo”
  • “Home Gym” now $199.99, down from $259.99[/code]

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

SomeGuyInABikini, in the mood for another celebratory Pimm’s

thanks for this. :smiley: is it possible to make one for macs? again, thanks so much! :smiley:

Hmmm, unfortunately I’m completely devoid of Mac knowledge.

As the file is a compressed RAR I ‘assume’ you could use
to open it.

If there’s any difference between the Mac and PC text files/formats/directory structure then I have no way of making those files as I don’t have a Mac.

Anyone out there with some Kudos/Mac lovin’? :slight_smile:

SomeGuyInABikini, should perhaps invest in some Macattack

Thanks! But .exe files don’t work on macs. :frowning:

I do hope someone does take pity on mac people[s]. We love Kudos 2 you know… :smiley:

I’ve uploaded a ZIP version (created with WinRAR)

And a TAR version (created with StuffIt)

Let me know if you can open either of these :slight_smile:

SomeGuyInABikini, try, try, try again

thanks! I will try it. :smiley:

— edit —

I just downloaded it and SomeGuyInABikini… I love you. Seriously. hehe. thanks for this. :))


Guys, I downloaded the stuff and extracted it in the directory after a fresh install… and I got this…


When I did put the original data folder back (w/o the mods) and it started working again…

Did I do something wrong? :'O

Hmmm, the MOD doesn’t contain every file from the data folder, and doesn’t exit that file. Did you extract the MOD and override the original data folder, or did you rename the original folder then extract the MOD? If you did the former then it should work fine, but if you did the latter then that’s the problem as you’ll be missing files :slight_smile:

In that case just make a copy of the Data folder instead of renaming it, then extract the MOD and override the Data folder.

SomeGuyInABikini, wondering where a guy can get a monitor for his roof so he can code whilst lying down

It says its missing the tabloid files and the game freezes once i reach that page and I forgot to back it up do you know how I can get them?

G’day ZacSawyer!

Tabloid files? I’m sorry but I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve tried all the magazines and newspapers and don’t have any issues here. Did you install Kudos 2 version 1.09 before installing the MOD? If you didn’t make a backup then I’d suggest just reinstalling the game as this is the simplest way of ‘uninstalling’ the mod. Also remember you can’t use your old savedgames.

Let me know the exact phrasing of the error if reinstallation does not work =\ Cheers

SomeGuyInABikini, out of Pepsi? NOOOO!

Hi SomeGuyInABikini,
where would I get v. 1.09 at?


The easiest way to get v1.09 is to redownload the game. If you only recently bought it (and from Positech, not a third party) then you can use the link e-mailed to you. Otherwise you will need to contact Cliffski:
“If you need your download link reactivating, just email with your order details/ email address.”

If you downloaded it from a third party then you’ll need to let Cliffski know so he can tell them to update their version (unless the third party is just REALLY slow in doing so).

There is a patch thread (viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2000), but it doesn’t seem to have all the patches in there.

SomeGuyInABikini, promising himself for the third time this week, that he’ll get more sleep tomorrow night…

I have 1.09 version. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game prior to downloading this mod. I extracted in the Kudos 2 directory. This is the first and only MOD I’ve ever downloaded. The game loads the avatar screen just fine and the initial gaming screen where it states it’s the players twentieth birthday, etc.; however, once I select play from that point the game crashes. There is no error, it just says that it suddenly stopped for some reason and to close the program.


Hi Simplyme!

I’m wondering what version of Windows you are using. Using Windows 7 64bit I find Kudos 2 crashes at that same point about 25% of the time, with or without the mod, but it seems completely random. Try running the game several times and see if it works on successive attempts.

I’ve uploaded a couple “template” saved games ( Copy these into your Kudos 2 saved game folder and see if they run. If they run then you can edit the saved game in a text editor (eg. Notepad, not Wordpad) and can then change the town/forename/surname/etc.

If you’re using Windows XP 32bit then I’m not sure what the problem is as I am unaware of any mod crash bugs. The only thing i could suggest is copying chunks of the mod over, running the game and then seeing at what point it crashes.

SomeGuyInABikini, readying the next version

Windows Vista 64-bit with Kudos 2 v1.09 was choking on this mod 100% of the time for me (crashing directly after the bit about the 20th birthday). After file-by-file examination, I narrowed the issue down to social_events.csv.

After line-by-line examination, I narrowed the issue down to, well:

Removing this line allows play to proceed as normal. Not yet up for going in by hand and parsing out the problem. But it’s in there, certainly.

Hi Nobody1225

MASSIVE thanks for nutting out the cause!

This is unfortunate though for 2 reasons: that’s a mod someone else created so I’m not too familiar with it, and secondly I still can’t replicate the issue myself, so I have no real fix. I guess I’ll remove it from the mod and see if I can recreate the issue via some other method. Failing that I’ll see if I can just start that mod from scratch. Perhaps there’s a related entry in another file that’s causing issues when the social events is being initialised. Or not, who knows :slight_smile: Strange that it isn’t an issue for everyone.

I’ll check it out later. Cheers again.

SomeGuyInABikini, watching Tekzilla

#,NORMAL,sex,Sex,“Put on the Barry White,it’s time to get… it… on!”,Sex Addict,sex,0,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,PlaySound(gigglekiss.ogg),Call(dirtyhome),"_random,0.5,french,0.2,meditation,0.2,weather_snow,0.1,weather_rain,0.1",That might have been the worst sex you’ve ever had. Maybe better than masturbating. Maybe.,“A good frolic. Not especially mind-blowing,but it can’t always be great. You know?”,Wow. That’s all you can say.,I’m infatuated with you… Wanna do it in the back of my pickup truck?,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,#,“sex,1.0”,“alcohol,0.3”,#,“stress,-0.3,_STRESS_DEGRADE”,“boredom,-0.25,0.5”,“fitness,0.05,_FITNESS_DEGRADE”,“tiredness,0.2,_TIRED_DEGRADE”,“kudos,0.03,_KUDOS_DEGRADE”,#,"_energy,0.4",“charisma,0.5”,"_cleanliness,0.7",“confidence,0.5”

I’ve tested this on my rig, and it works, but I can’t replicate the crash bug, so fingers crossed it does what it should do, and that’s make sexy time for one and all.

New MegaMiniMod 1.02 coming soonish…

SomeGuyInABikini, wondering about professional gamblers

So - I’m curious - if you are in a relationship, what “unlocks” Sex as an activity with the mod, can you manage to roll a partner who doesn’t have it as an interest so it never shows up? Do you have to be together a certain period of time?

XD I’m just curious, maybe my avatar is asexual, it never shows up.

G’day Jbonow1231!

Hilariously, due to the way the ‘sex mod’ is implemented it has nothing to do with relationships and is completely open between male/female, male/male, female/female, irrespective of relationship status; in this mod’s world everyone’s bisexual and free-loving.
All you need is:
Energy >= 40%
Charisma >= 50%
Cleanliness >= 70%
Confidence >= 50%

Your ‘partner’ doesn’t even need sex as an interest, but without it they will likely never enjoy themselves, however alcohol will help a small amount. You could even change the sex event to allow more than 2 attendees, up to 8 even, or make it a solo event :stuck_out_tongue:

SomeGuyInABikini, wondering how far the mod could go…

First I tried to delete the old code and replace it with the new one, it didn’t work so I deleted the code - and it still won’t work.

So what to do?