[( MegaMiniMod v2 (v2.02 released!) )]


Cheers :slight_smile:
As far as I’m aware the asset_newspaper.dds isn’t altered by the mod at all. Try deleting the entire Kudos 2 folder then reinstalling Kudos 2, running it and seeing if you still have the same problem. If you’re installing to your Program Files folder that can cause issues with the mod so installing to a c:\Games or such might work better.

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Still no luck :
To be more specific it says this:

D3DEngine Error
Please check publishers website for tech support
Details: [Failed to locate texture: asset_newspaper_tabloid.dds]


Hi guys! Haven’t updated the mod in a long while but I took a look at the files today and I might do some more revisions to the mod. :slight_smile:

Not sure what caused this problem but try this: app.box.com/s/7kvi2m3xgrshx2kus4kj


The new version of the mod is out! :slight_smile:



I’ve got loads of free time this week (fall break!) so I’ll be working on the mod. So far, the following are to be expected on the next release:

  • More jobs! (Writing-related jobs and other jobs such as stuntman, barista and stuff)
  • Fixed the bug regarding Esperanto
  • Poetry is now a skill. You can be a poetry teacher!
  • A couple more social events
  • New restaurant (Japanese)
  • Additions to the avatars

If anyone has any more suggestions, just post on the thread. Keep the Kudos 2 community alive! :slight_smile:


Hi, I know that my question might be hard to ask but here we go!

So I’m using a macbook and I’m trying to use the megaminimod but everytime i use it, it would crash and I noticed that in the macbook version, instead of the files ending up in .dds, all the files are in .png.


mmmv2 files:

I don’t really know what files .dds are and how i can convert them to work. I know for macbook, we can easily change the extension (.jpg --> .png) and the file changes automatically and i tried doing that to the .dds files but no luck. Any help please? thank you very much


nb88 thanks! That seemed to fix the problem! I’ll let you know if I come across anything else :smiley:


Are all the images in the mac version in PNG? If so I’d try upload a version with the images as PNG file tomorrow.


Yes they are and thank you so much for replying so fast!


Could you try if this one works? I think it should work on mac but I haven’t tried since I don’t have a mac.

rapidgator.net/file/b44600baa8ca … c.zip.html


the png graphic work because i can finally see the new design you made for the characters however, after making my avatar, the game crashes the moment the script of the whole “twentieth birthday” shows up


Hm, all right. I don’t know the modding files in Mac look. Can you PM a copy of one of the original modding files? The social_events file in the simulation folder perhaps? I’d just like to take a look to see if the files are the same as it is on the PC :slight_smile:


I keep getting the error that says it can’t find the Job_education.dds file. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, installed in a different location. And yet it is still saying that. Please help, really want to try out this mod. And yes, I have made sure to start with a clean state each time.

Think I may have fixed it. Had installed the megaminimod 1.01 then added the 2.02. The jobs part seems to be working.

Correction the error is back.


Sorry, I made a careless mistake with packaging the files (again!). Thank you for bringing this into attention! :slight_smile:

Here’s the reupload: rapidgator.net/file/0eaa9bc193a2 … d.rar.html


Good work :slight_smile: I’ve added some mirrors to avoid download delays (updated for 2016):

sugarsync.com/pf/D6310277_7 … nload=true

sugarsync.com/pf/D6310277_7 … nload=true

sugarsync.com/pf/D6310277_7 … nload=true

“Template” Saved Games (due to a max of 3 URLs per post just add HTTPS to the front of this)

I still have no time to work on this, but my Xmas break is coming… :slight_smile:

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Excellent proposal. I’ll drink to that. :slight_smile:


Is there any other link to this mod? Unfortunately, it keeps bringing me through various slightly sketchy websites to supposedly get the download, and then it never works.

Could we load this up on Google docs or something?


If you look a couple posts up I uploaded everything to my public dropbox so you download it directly without going through dodgy sites :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that. I created a google drive for the current release and maybe future releases. Check it out here: drive.google.com/folderview?id= … sp=sharing

After being away for some time (busy semester!), I’m back. I’ve got a long summer break and I’m probably gonna work some more on this mod.


Hi there. I am a little lost at the moment and was wondering if anyone could help me.

I just downloaded the MegaMind mod but, being the ever-so-technologically-impaired being that I am, I have no idea how to activate it.
Do I put it in the Kudos 2 folder? Do I need to install additional software? I am using Windows 8.

HEEEEEEEEELP!!! Please help me!