Memory Leak (0.40.00)

Game begins to stutter and drag as the game progresses to about…oh, 15-25 years in. This COULD be from CPU usage from tracking so many entities - however, when I save the game, exit the game, and then restart the client, the same things are going on, but the stuttering has stopped. It typically picks up after a few years after this.

I smell a memory leak somewhere. Judging by the fact that it first takes 15-25 years, and then a shorter period of time, combined with the fact that upon loading the save all of my profits have to be re-calculated, I believe that it’s in there. Maybe the list of transactions continues on for as long as they are generated? Or something else that the game is continuing to track and consequently devours RAM.

Thought I’d get that out there. My games tend to drag for a while and when it gets to a certain point the game starts struggling to register clicks, making moving buildings and just generally pushing buttons a very slow, painful process. I imagine after a while it’d become unplayable unless you restart the client.

Same here. Also solved (for a short time) by restarting and reloading. And it’s not the CPU. During the “poor performace” period my cpu has only a load of 40% and is only using 2 of 6 cores above 80%

Definitely seems like a leak to me. The game slows to a crawl after a while, but quitting and reloading fixes it nicely. Seems to happen more often/quickly when I speed up time.

This problem is also reported here: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=11288

Going to close this thread to keep things neat, check the above links for updates.