Mental health care and the Police

I think there probably should be some policies inspired by current situations in, in particular, the US, but honestly it’s an often overlooked topic in lots of places.

So in the US there are currently lots of calls to defund or even abolish police. There are various takes on what that does and doesn’t mean, and I’m by no means an expert on any, let alone all of them, but at a minimum it means diverting resources away from a ballooning, paramilitary-esque police tasked with responding to a lot of things police was never designed to handle (such as people in dire need of mental health care or even keeping kids in school in check, causing the infamous school-to-prison debacle), and towards services designed to appropriately deal with any such issues.
So imo, some more fine-grained ways to make sure the police treats the people as desired (be that harsh or gentle), as well as some preventative measures that reduce people even being tempted into crime in the first place, thereby reducing the need for police force, would be a very good addition.
What exactly that entails I’m not sure. This could be as simple as a balance slider (much like the current prison slider to that effect), or it could span several policies across law&order, public services, and welfare.

Furthermore and unrelatedly, suicide is, as far as I know, unaccounted for in the game so far, but in most places as far as I know there are more deaths by suicide than by homicide, and for instance, as of right now Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK!

Generally, even really well-organized, considered effective health-care systems around the world tend to underestimate, arguably severely, how important mental health is. So I think policies focused on that kind of thing could be really interesting additions. Not all - not even most- of that, to be clear, would be going towards reducing crime. The vast majority of people with mental health problems are victims of crime, not aggressors.
And I’m also not just talking about people who need ongoing help throughout their lives. A lot of bad outcomes can be prevented by comparatively simple and cheap interventions, if they are caught early.

There are lots of possible programs, ranging from public awareness (so other people become more tolerant, reducing hate crimes, and also early discovery rates of any given issue are higher), to mandates for psycho-social services in schools and work places or in general, or, say, a suicide prevention hotline. There could also be special schools for people with learning disabilities, or in contrast to that, efforts to integrate affected people in regular classes and work places.

And if you want to allow for insane hellscape societies, there could also be absurdly cruel policies that aim to push these issues under a rug, effectively denying people with disabilities their very existence.