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If this has been done before, or is against the rules in any way, sorry :confused:

I have been looking to try to mod the game since I got it, but since my art sucks and I have no real way of making ships and stuff until I have some form of talent I have been making changes to what I can. (Mostly the amount of honour points I have :3)

What I have done is made a large number of additions to the comms.ini file and doubled (or tripled, I haven’t counted) the amount of available lines that the AI will say as it crushes or is crushed by the enemy. I have focused on the most common sections and added most to them. EDIT Removed language for universal friendliness.


Thanks, I’ll keep adding if I get downloads :smiley:

EDIT Woops, forgot to say how to install. Navigate to your Gratuitous Space Battles folder and place in the gratuitous space battles/Data folder. It SHOULD ask you to overwrite the comms.ini file that is currently there, do so.

Hello to the forums Merf, you may want to check some spelling’s of certain lines (not as important with this type of mod as others) but other than that I think it’s really good, I like them allot and I like how they fit with the original one’s well done!

And someone needs to the captains bagel back D:

Ha! At least you’ve played it.

Would you mind telling me which lines are spelt incorrectly so as I can change them :slight_smile:

I didn’t added them to my GSB, but i gave them a look and you made me laugh more than one time, pretty nice comms ^^

Thanks Praetors, I really love Praetorian Industries btw :smiley:

These are the fixed lines.
I ran it through word because i am equally bad (probably worse) at spelling, hope this helps!

10 = "Bantha fodder acquired. Weapons ready." 26 = "Tell that swine’s parents hello from me." 3 = "Hull breach! We have a hull breach here. Seal off this corridor!" 4 = "Looks like deck five just got a nice new open-plan design courtesy of incoming fire. Let’s hope nobody was down there." 4 = "I can't even spell that thing, but it's a pain in the arse. Someone get our splicer’s, we've been hit by an ENC." 2 = "Repair supplies exhausted. Let’s hope these latest welds last a bit longer this time." 5 = "Sorry guys, my weaponry bit the dust before I did, see you in hell!" 1 = "Initiating camouflage activation sequence. Let’s see them hit us now. Bwahahahahaha!" 3 = "Bugger, their armor is better than my weapons." 0 = "That blast just took our shields below 50 percent. Everyone stay calm." 9 = "Screw your honor <CREWNAME>, your life is more important, get the hell out!"

I’ll fix them :slight_smile:

But the funny thing is a large amount of them are Vanilla XD

Yer noticed that two xD

I’m thinking of updating this and enhancing it for the new versions, seeing as my comms file reset with the update and I’m feeling inspired.

Anyone interested? Would I be allowed to delete this post and restart a new topic?

Hi, Merf Avenger; it’s been a long time. :wink:

Interested in updated comms? Yes.

If you want to create a new topic for your comms mod, please feel free to do so. If you give me the word, I can delete this thread in favor of the new one; just send me a P. M.

Thank you very much Astro! I’ll start work on it while I wait for steam downloads >:)

I’ll pm you when I’m done and create a much better designed topic with screenshots, total comm list etc

Edit: I’ll remember to include no mildly languagal humour this time. Space squirrels it is.