Message lost?

I was writing up a sales pitch for a small modification to GSP and when i’m done, the forum tells me when i try to send the message that i need to be logged into the user control panel to send messages. I log in and the message dissapears, as if i hadn’t written it in the first place.
I spent an hour and a half writing this story. I dont want to have to redo the whole thing…

well if you’ve left the tab (and by this i mean closed it) that the history is stored on you won’t be able to recover it (which is what i assume has happened)
what you could have done (at least on a windows PC) is used the back button, copied your post and the pushed the forward button to get back to where you were, then just paste
(note there are times when this wont work , like if you were redirected(this is an assumption))

I always find that a good idea is to write it outside of the forum (in Notepad for example) and paste it in when you’re done. I’ve encountered far too many examples of badly written forum software. Alternatively, copy it all before submitting so you can paste it again if needed (ctrl+a followed by ctrl+c works nicely and can end up being a reflex). As a last resort, sometimes the back button works if your browser feels like filling the info back in again.