Messed up Interface... Plz Help

When I try to play the full version my interface is messed up.

I remember I played demo, and it was fine. But when I play full game its mess up.

I am missing like 1/4 of the screen at the bottom. So I don’t see, and can’t see pretty all main controls.

Here is example

hi, does it do this both windowed and fullscreen? it sounds like a driver issue, do you know hat video card you have, and have you updated it to use the very latest drivers?

yes, both.

I kind of fixed it… But.

Here what I did to fix it.

I disabled “Advanced Backdrops”

For some reason this was casing problems.

Do you know why it would case problems?

yes its a video card thing. kudos tries to be clever and compose the backdrop ‘off screen’ then draw it in one go, but it looks like your video card doesn’t appreciate that…
Is this a version bought by a third party? (like yahoo etc). I thought I’d fixed it, but it might not have got fixed in every version.