Metacritic --> Please review GTB!

Hello there GTB players!

GTB has a fairly minimal marketing budget, so we rely pretty much on word-of-mouth to get people to hear about the game. it would be really appreciated if you could help us out by promoting the game a little bit to people who may be interested…
One way you could do that which is easy, quick and free is to review the game on a site like metacritic:

It’s really quick, you need to signup for an account but it’s free and painless, and you can just rate the game with a single mouse click, or write a short review describing the game to people. We really rely on user reviews, because most of the ‘big’ sites who cover games won’t even acknowledge our emails, probably because they are too busy being entertianed on yachts by the publishers with multi-million dollar PR budgets :frowning:
Anyway, it’s much appreciated if you can help people find out about the game…

Consider it done, although do people really take metacritic that seriously? It always seemed a bit like a corporate/media thing where the journalists argued with each other, rather than an actual gamer site?

Done :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s awesome :smiley:

Unfortunately, the mass exodus from printed magazines to online forms of reviews, mean that for the most part people simply look at metacritic. The actual review content is irrelevant, the number is the first and sometimes only thing people look at :frowning:

I loved GSB and will get this game asap, but for now am poor and have only played the demo :frowning: