Metro Rail Policy

Let’s have a policy for Metro Rail.

Lowest Intensity:

Test Line

Max Inten:


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Hmmm, so High-Speed Rail Subsidies and Rail industry doesn’t cover this already?

I think that these would be separate right? I imagine that metros would not come under the same policy that guides national railways, as these are more focused and intensive? These could boost defence too, if built deeply enough. But of course, it’s all about how much complexity you want.

I don’t think monorails would cover metros.

Well metro is a type of train anyways, so I don’t see why not

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It’d cost a fortune to build metros everywhere, like a $1 trillion or something. So it should probably be its own thing. For example, Delhi’s Metro is expected to have cost $20-23 billion, now imagine doing that for every urban centre in a country, or in this case, India.

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