Midgard Frigate Gone in 1.3

RIP 1.29 - 1.30

Your five weapons slots will be missed.

See you in 1.31 :-p

Huh. It seems to be fine in my game. :smiley:

I’ve just played a match using it and it also works in the editor. So seems to work for me too.
Did you modify anything before updating to 1.30?

No tampering, it is just gone.

I didn’t remove it. The file should still be in the \hulls folder. A design for it might get deleted but the hull cannot, not without manually doing so in windows explorer.

It is not in my Rebels/Hull Folder. I saw it on the 1.29 update but the only thing I’ve done since is the 1.30 update…

I’ve just tested the 1.30 update and it definitely sticks it there. If you re-run the patch (\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\patches\GSBPatch130.exe
It should put that file back.
Are the bitmaps there?

C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles\data\bitmaps\ships\rebel\Rebel Midgard Frigate

The 130 patch does everything the 1.29 patch does. (and more!)

Nohinge. I feel so special. :slight_smile:

Rerunning 1.3 fixed it. Still rather baffling.