Milestones, Teasers and Trailers.

Normally when someone reaches a milestone in their number of posts they usually post something extra ordinary or in rare cases extraordinary. Unfortunately the project I am working on is nowhere near complete for my 2000th post.

So until such time as the project is complete, I will just post this teaser image of something I am working on as my milestone post :wink:

And since the forum has been somewhat quiet in the modding area, feel free to post any teaser images of GSB mods you are working on below.

Darkstar, I’m confident that what you’re working on is going to knock us out with sheer brilliance – BAM! :smiley: Your work never disappoints us.

Those animations are awesome! This must have taken a lot of time to accomplish. I find the muzzle-flash of the bottom-right turret to be especially cool. One wonders what all of these fascinating (and quite different from one another) turrets are going to be attached to, and what they’re intended to fight against. The level of detail here is therefore ominous as well as impressive.

And thank you for all of the help you provide to the player community of this great game. I remember long ago when yours was still a new voice around here…thanks for “going the distance”. :wink: May your next 2,000 posts be as good as the first 2k !

Hhmmmmm… I have to figure out a way to create a teaser of my own WIP, without giving away too much info in the process. Good inspiration here, though!

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That, my good sir, is just too cool for words. I commend you!

Sadly such wonderment is beyond my skill level, but I may take up your challenge. The question then becomes which of the fledgling/in-process/nearly-complete mod projects on my desk or in my head do I toss out there? Hmmm…

Woah 2k posts, Congrats sir!

It has been a pleasure to read and enjoy every one of your sharings, in fact, it has been a pleasure to read all of you guys!
Thank you very much Darkstar for all the help you gave us, the efforts invested in us and all of that awesome stuff you shared to us! Even more, many of us have the pleasure to call you Master! Since you teached, guided us in to the great experience that is modding Gratuitous Space Battles.
For all of that, and many more things i’m surely missing, Thank you Sir!

what is the minigun or whatever its called (in the bottom left) supposed to fire, because and it just a small gripe, i don’t think the muzzle burst should not cover all 4 barles, just the one.
just my opinion

oh and by the way, you should do more gifs its hard to fully appreciate the animations in the heat of battle

Thanks Chief - I hope I will not disappoint.

Surprisingly the animations did not take all that long. Most of the graphical assets you see there are from the game. I just made them move :wink:

I have the community to thank for that. If this place was as hostile as some other areas I have seen in my travels - I would not have hung around this long. As far as I am concerned, this is the best community I have had the privilege to be part of - Bar None.

I have pondered that myself . . I think an impressionist image would be rather appropriate.

Spacedust - From the mods you have created, this would be a trifle matter for you !

The answer to that is easy - ALL OF THEM !

The main reason why this post exists is to show people that the modding community is still working behind the scenes with the scant free time we have had.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Likewise :slight_smile: . . . Except for:

  • when I was making you those turrets ( what was a request for 5 turrets became 55)
  • and those ships (Between you and Bentusi - it was a challange keeping pace)
  • and the weapon effects (Trying to decipher Big Badass Beam into a graphical made my head hurt)
  • and the balancing and the community modding contests (you woke me up at 2am just to count the votes !)
  • and yes I am joking

You are most welcome Praetors - it was great to work with and (believe it or not) it was beneficial as well. The tools and tricks i learned when working on the Community Mod with you have proven very useful today as I work on this project.

Here’s a quickie teaser of an idea I’ve had for awhile:

And an animated one for a project of entirely grander scope (What kind of monstrosity are those ships flying over?):

Once thing is for certain - that’s no moon

Awesome Teaser :slight_smile:

… It’s a space station!

No. No it is most certainly not. :slight_smile:

Not exactly that either. It is most definitely evil, nasty and powerful though. No planet-killing superlaser, but perhaps the next best thing. Mwah hah hah.

Wow. Ace, when it comes to suspense, you’ve given us an abundance of that! :wink: I look forward to more of this, whenever you choose to share more clues with us.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, moving pictures have got to be worth even more…

Ooooh, Very Shiny !
I look forward to see how you put these ships into the game :slight_smile:

Question: (So long as it doesn’t spoil anything)

  • Are they pure energy beings ?

Sweet “retro-future”-looking ships, Ace! :smiley: Those neon wire-frame hulls summon up quite a lot of nostalgia for me.

I now have a fierce craving to match skills against Tempest again. [-fond sigh-] When that game was new and I was first climbing up the high-score ladder on it, quite a few GSB players’ parents had not even met each other yet. I hardly thought anyone could create a GSB mod capable of transporting me back across time to the Incredibly Futuristic Year Of 1981, but… :wink:

That is a most eye-catching teaser for your Neonite mod! Thanks for sharing it with us.

The Neonites are a race of quasi-energy beings who got that way by getting distracted as they were ascending to a pure-energy form. Now they are absolute whizzes at manipulating energy, but still need some matter frameworks to make things work properly (hence the engines and turret mounting points). This makes them the crankiest species in history.

Special thanks go to Praetors for providing the Gratuitous Modding Pack (, which gave me the idea for the Neonite ships. My intent is for all Neonite effects to come from this excellent resource (sounds included).

Woah Ace, quite (very!) awesome stuff you have made here! I really like to see that my data compilations still useful for someone! Well done sir! Looking forward to playtest your Neonites! :slight_smile:

Arch, you just made me my day by retrieving from my older memories one of the very first games i’ve played in my life, loved Tempest! Played it when i was 6-7 years old! (i’m 21 now)

Then we have something good in common, Praetors. Tempest never gets old! :smiley:

One more teaser from the Ace stable. This one demonstrates the main gun of the not-a-moon-or-a-space-station from my first teaser.

Note that the Fed Dreadnoughts shown were outfitted with a reasonable amount of armor for a normal combat ship (armor of 44).

All the shots you see came from the same turret.

The stats for this weapon (rate of fire, tracking, penetration and damage) will be about what you see - except for a monstrous interval between salvos of 4 shots. The goal is that unless the fight goes really really really long, you won’t see more than one salvo.

Here as my last teaser for awhile is the race entry for the monster I have alluded to. Without further ado I give you: the Devastator.

This rather dark description should lend some hints to the type of mod the Devastator is intended to be. Enjoy!

[Reads description] - Hang on one cotton picking second !

“The most vicious artificial intelligence ever formed” ? - That’s smack talk !
Ok Then, A showdown between Uni-T and The Devastator is so on ! :stuck_out_tongue: