Milestones, Teasers and Trailers.

Unity is very powerful and destructive, this is true.

The difference is, the Devastator likes being very powerful and destructive, and laughs at the pitiful attempts to destroy it even as it turns approaching ships into clouds of expanding atoms.

I’d say on balance it’s got the edge on sheer viciousness. :wink:

Ah, I see. Well in that case I agree with you on that point.
Devastator is indeed “The most vicious artificial intelligence ever formed”

I can foresee a time where Devastator is going to have some fun when Unity provides some “target practice”
Should be epic :slight_smile:

i see opportunity for an epic story here

So this seems to have not had a post for quite a bit of time…I suppose I’ll remedy that.

Its not the best image as I took it with my phone, but it should do.

That’s pretty cool. Though I’m wondering if that Devastator was ever finished.

edit: looking at the previous page, it looks like Ace has even more unfinished stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

You would not believe the volume of unfinished stuff I have.

Doing the Devastator right is taking quite a bit of time, not to mention getting modding time in around stupid “real life”.

Real life gets in the way of everything, even real life…

Its a space…uh…thing. I was going to think of some food it looked like but it doesn’t really seem to resemble any.

This thing is basically a tank, its supposed to take the damage while other ships deal out damage.

With some work it could be made to resembled pac-man.

Space Pacman…that would be unstoppable…

That’s a clever-looking sprite; I like it. What size hull is it intended to be?

I’m really liking those designs TheMightyCat11! :smiley:

Its a cruiser, but I’ve also made a frigate that is similar.


Also here is a better picture of those first ships I posted, and a new frigate that is similar to the cruiser I made:

I like this set of ships you’ve put together. They’re very utilitarian but with a flair we haven’t seen in any of the other “minimalist” ships.

I’ll admit its a bit of an ego boost to get postive feedback on these things from people who have made some pretty amazing stuff for GSB…

And thanks!

Also I see you’ve made full use of the location thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that opinion, Ace. TheMightyCat11’s sprites are generally stripped-down without looking skeletal, and that isn’t overly easy to do without either going too far with the effect or not taking it far enough.

One of my favorites is the medium-sized, trimaran-hull ship with the yellow sides; three of them appear at the right of the image posted just above here.

MightyCat, please tell us a little bit about the overall theme of the mod that these hulls are going to appear in. :smiley: You’ve got some interesting material, I’m sure.

The Race that will use these ships are a warrior race who don’t care much for the life of their soldiers, they care about winning. For instance the ships at the front of the fleet function like shields, they are designed to sit in front of a fleet and take the hits so they have a pretty good armor boost, however they have very little weapons (only two) and they will go down very easily when they loose their armor. They and the bigger cruiser that functions like that are probably my favorite of the ships I’ve made, though I’m very happy with how everything turned out.

But I’m going to release the mod very soon so there will more info then.

Its released now!

Bit of something I’ve been cooking up:

very bare-bones right now, but should be alot better when done (duh.)

(obviously not ingame yet)