Military and Police Regimes?

I was really pleased to see a sliding scale for how prisons are run in Democracy 4. This added a great degree of nuance, allowing you to wildly change the function of a state institution, which in of itself is capable of any number of things. I couldn’t help but think that the same concept could be applied to police and military.

With respect to police, this could causing officers to behave more punitively, with greater powers over the breach of right and privacy, or far more humane, communicative methods which disrupt lives and liberties less while perhaps being less effective. (A fully punitive police force could gain the unique ability to fight organised and internet crime using increased powers, but a gentle regime sees reduced effectiveness).

With respect to military, this could make your nation test borders, station ordinance overseas, and attempt other shows of intimidation, whereas the other scale would be more humanitarian, intervening in human rights abuses, or putting resources into rebuilding war damage and providing relief to communities at home and overseas from natural disasters.

This could completely change how these institutions are understood by voter groups.


Absolutely good ideas.

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