Minimizing Game - Error 41 \src\game.cpp 242

Kept my game minimized for more then 10-15 minutes. When returning to game, screen was blank and the game refused to load back in. Closed the game through task manager which resulted in the game not loading again and producing the following error message. Game is now hosed and cant be loaded without reproducing the same error message.

I am having this same problem, I had the game minimized for a bit and after restoring it I got this error. Now I get the same error every time I attempt to start the game up. I tried reinstalling but that didn’t do anything. No idea what could be causing it, the game was working fine before…

It seems to me there is some temporary data laying around somewhere that was corrupted so even installing the game wouldn’t restore this file.

I tried renaming the following folder: “C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles” with no result.

Yup, I tried and it failed.

Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling, reinstalling to new directory, ran CCleaner and cleared temporary files, cleared prefetch, reinstalled again, restarted, reinstalled. Something is getting left behind somewhere.

try setting the time to yesterday…

Fixed with time reset.

Possibly trying to rewrite data or load post data and it crashes out. Could be registry issue also.