Minimum cost to beat tutorial

I tried to beat the tutorial using the least amount of points
my 715 point fleet can easily beat it, how low can you go?

not that low. how are your ships outfitted?

Did it with 684. That was a brief but interesting puzzle. Hint: Basically you need one cruiser and a solid shield. :wink:

I kind of like how GSB can become a strategic puzzle game at times.

Ok I beat it again using 673 points

I had a fast missile launcher, a reflective shield and an emp shield on a rebel fenir crusier.

Fast missiles are an interesting choice. I didn’t think it had the DPS to get the job done, but I guess you can pick off the frigates sooner that way. I used the Fenrir as well but with a Cruiser Laser for it’s nutty DPS. :smiley:

I had to cut the engines to beat your score and the cruiser lasers didn’t have the range

Out of curiosity - in the subject, you say cost, but in the text, you say points. These don’t appear to be the same thing. I’ve managed to beat the tutorial with a 1093 cost ship, which is worth 655 points. I can’t see how to get the cost much lower if you are talking cost and not points.

I used a 673 cost ship

Wow. That’s pretty impressive.


i did it with 497 points.
used two ships of the following frigate type:

hull: federation fox frigate
cost: 909
1x ion cannon
2x phasor cannon II
1x power generator III
1x power genarator I
2x turbo schields
1x schield generator II
1x frigate engine III
1x crew module II
1x micro crew module

behavior: vulture, cooperative and keep moving, 100% priority to frigates

they aren’t fast, but can take quite a bit of damage (at least for a frigate). i call them close combat frigates :slight_smile:
seems that two of them are enough for tutorial


Nice attempt using frigates but I used a single cruiser that cost 673, my trial version of crossover ran out so I can’t open the game until cliff releases a mac version so I don’t remember the exact points but off the top of my head my ship build was.
Hull:rebel fenir cruiser
Cost: 673
1x reflective shield
1x emp shield
1x fast missile launcher
1x power generator I
1x crew module (possibly a micro one)

I prioritized the frigates first since the cruisers lasers literally did no damage to the reflective shields. That build took quite a few attempts and finding the right position, Hannibals slightly more expensive build with a Cruiser Laser and an engine instead of a fast missile launcher and an emp shield was much more reliable.

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, guys. The ships cost to build is not the same as the value shown during the fight (which I think is hull hitpoints)

I think the winner is still the ~650 CR Fenrir build. As long as two of those three frigates go down before your shields do, you’ll win.


ofc you are right. stupid me, i mixed up costs and points.

obviously it’s much harder to beat the tutorial with low cost than low points.