Minimum number of Wealthy ?

I can’t get the number of Wealthy people below 22,40%
I tried in several games and always get stucked at this percentage.
Also, the punitive wealth tax policy seems to have no effect on their incomes.
It shows up on the policy screen but on the wealthy class incomes, there’s nothing.
Nor on the High income stats screen.

Any help please?

I also looked in all the different CSV files but I can t find anything related to a maximum / minimum percentage of riches / poor.

I just realized my problem is much bigger:
whatever I do, with mods and DLC or without any, after the FIRST turn, I ALWAYS get a 24,95/56,65/22,40% distribution on the Poor/middle/riches.
Game Braking Bug.
Can anyone help me please? Is this bug only affecting me?
I tried to uninstall/reinstall the game, deleted the mod files in My Documents/My Games folder,…