Minister UI request

I’m trying out the new system to select my starting cabinet. I have found two people who I will definitely be hiring, and figuring out which one I’m going to put into which job. They are both 98% suitable for public service, one has law and order as their 2nd job pick, the other has welfare.

My request:
Would it be possible to add a UI function so that when I hold my mouse over each of the request jobs for each candidate it pops up their suitability for that job? It would save a lot of back out, remembering names, scrolling around to find them again etc.

2nd request:
I would like to be able to “tag” candidates to make them easier to find again. This way, when I open a list of candidates the “tagged” candidates will always be at the top.

These would make for significant QOL improvement for this new system, thank you.

Forgot the screen shot:

Fully agreed on your suggestions. I do something similar to ‘tagging’ by adding a mark to their names but it would be nice if tagged ones are always on top of the list.