Ministers and Political points

First off, I’m a big fan of the game and am looking forward to future updates :slight_smile:

I do have a question about politcal points. I’ve played many playthroughs with different countries and have had (from my point fo view) great success…I’ve taken the USA into a 6 trillion dollar surplus while maintaining at least an 85% popularity and most of the time it is cloer to 90-95%. I’ve managed to rid the country of almost all of the bad scenarios (internet crime, pollution etc.), and I’ve been able to get roughly 80% of the groups (liberal, socialist etc) to be a high yellow bar or a green bar in likeability towards me.

The part I’m having difficulty with, is that no matter how well the country seems to be running, sooner or later my ministers all go down to 1.0-2.5 ish range for political points. This is turn severaly limits my options for changing/adding policies. Some policies I see you need 48-50+ points to implement…I dont understand how thats possible.

I’ve gone way out of my way in some games to increase likeability with groups that my ministers sympathize with and it seems to have little or no effect on policy points that I get from them each turn, and their loyalty seems to dwindle down to nothing or at most just breaking into the yellow range.

I’m at a loss as to what I can do to improve that area. Perhaps I need to reshuffle the cabinet more often? I don’t like that idea as it puts the country into a mini tailspin and increases the risk of getting another bad situation pop up which can be crippling.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bumping this as I really don’t feel like this aspect of the game is working as intended or I’m completely missing something…90% of the people love the country and leadership but the cabinet ministers become wastes of space and cripple my ability to introduce and change policies after I’ve erased a MASSIVE deficit, solved the pollution and health problems, and got rid of all the crime and housing problems???

I think the main problem is that whatever combination you try for your cabinet you would always get a wide spread of ministers with loyalties to all sorts of niche public sectors and that is what is broken. I usually anger the motorists, the liberals and the trade unionists and loyalties to these interest groups are bound to be found in almost any configuration of cabinet ministers.

I agree that there are two things here that need minor tweaks.
Firstly ministers shouldn’t decline so much when things are going well.
Secondly they should have a more wide ranging background in terms of voter group membership.
I’ll look into both these things for the next patch I release.

Awesome. Thanks, Cliff

Sounds great Cliff, this is a great game and it’s nice to see the feedback from the community taken into consideration!

Keep up the great work!

Something else in this same arena…when first coming into office, I think the player should be able to select their ministers at no cost. When playing, I select a party for my leader, and then am saddled with ministers whose political ideology does not mesh with that of my leader. I am then forced to expend valuable political capital in the early game to replace ill-fitting members of my cabinet.

Mmm. Real life rulers of a country do select what ministers they choose.