I know I have posted about this before, but I saw the post about a new update, so I gave the game another run.

The ministers seem like the tall peg of game play for me right now. Their impact is too strong, and it takes too long to gain effectiveness. It seems odd to me that an entire arm of the civil service all forget how to do their jobs because there is a new minister, and it takes 10 years to get back to some level of competence (+1% per turn, 4 turns per year, they come in at 30-something % effective means 10 years to get into the 70s, and 15 to get to the 90s). Combine this with the revolving door cabinet which seems unavoidable in the second term and it produces weird results.

For example, my tax minister quit. Next turn I have an obesity epidemic because I was using junk food tax and health food subsidy to control that problem, both of which are tax policies. So, the moment the minster quit, everyone rushed out to gorge themselves on junk food so fast that all of society turned obese inside of 3 months? That would be a spectacle to witness.

Then throw in the undeclared hard cap on what effectiveness the minister will reach and this becomes quite frustrating.

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Has this relation changed in game?

This is still the main thing which ruins games for me.

Well, hopefully posting about it will put it on Cliff’s radar.

Thanks for the update, but this post from November is just as relevant today.

I just had tens of billions of pounds go missing from the British budget and the obesity crisis come roaring back because a tax minister quit. The fanfare of top end politics is basically irrelevant to the average civil servant sitting in a cubical (or living room as is the case in Covid world). The civil service DON’T forget how to do their jobs just because a minister quit. Even if a highly active and highly incompetent minister were messing up a ministry it would take time for them to destroy things, it wouldn’t happen overnight.

Why not send Cliff a DM, if you are aware that your balance report has not been considered as of yet?

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