[minor bug] admit defeat

Didn’t find this one in the search

When I turn off ship communications in settings, the “admit defeat” button in battles no longer functions.It lights up when I hover over it, but clicking it doesn’t do anything and if I click + drag, I can minimize the game as if it were in windowed mode or something (it isn’t)

If it helps, the version is 1.45 unmodded, I have all the other settings enabled except motion blur, and the resolution I am running is 1680x1050

I bet this doesnt happen in windowed mode?
This sounds related to the problem some people have where the buttons at the very very top of the screen do not respond in general, which some users have found is fixed by setting the processor affinity for the game to be 1, on multi-core systems. It’s also fixed by running in windowed mode, and doesn’t seem to affect all video card/ software versions.

Try pressing the ESC key in mid-battle.