Minor change to the installation menu

Increase quality of “D4” logo graphics at the “installation finished” menu.

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Lol… do you mean this ?

What is wrong with it ?


Yep, it’s low-res.

Yes. Quite.

You’ve made some pretty good suggestions but honestly this is the daftest one I’ve seen on the forums to date.
Why increase the installer size just to provide a slightly higher quality bitmap so that if you look really close you don’t have to deal with some slightly jagged edges ? x3

I know some of us have to use the installer every version but the majority of players will never even see this installer because they buy / play on Steam.


It may seem daft, but the intent is aesthetics. It shows off a high quality product and an eye for detail. Again, it’s a suggestion, the inclusion and exclusion of it depends on Cliff. There’s no compulsion here. I’m merely pointing out plaves where there is a scope for improvement.

It sounds very nitpicky, I wonder if people from A/B testing are actually affected by the anti-alising looking sharp.

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It is a nitpick, but that’s why I started my post with a “minor change” at the very beginning.