minor font bug

I’m experiencing a smaller bug at the restaurants menu card.
When I see it, the font is huge, most of the times too big to read and it also restricts the visibility of the symbols.
As soon as I mouse-over the “Order selected foods and drinks”, the font shows up in the font it should be.

Here 2 screenshots to show what I mean:

I have the same problem.

Also, if i run the game in full screen mode, in the top right corner is some sort of small window (command prompt like) that flashes constantly.

I just downloaded the game off of Impulse last night, and have been enjoying it. I am also experiencing the menu bug though. I’ve noticed if I mouse over one of the icons such as weight or happiness on the menu, and the small descriptor bubble pops up to tell me what I’m mousing over, the font size for the rest of the menu reduces to the right size. As soon as I move the mouse off of the icon though, it reverts back to giant fonts. Hope this helps troubleshooting/playing for everyone.

edit: Oops, I guess I didn’t read the first post well enough as they too figured out the mouse over thing.

I too am having the font problem. At first I thought it was just a problem on the demo, but it is also on the final version. Hope someone finds a fix.

Hmmm, I’m having that issue too. What version of Windows are you peoples running? And what video card?
I’m running Windows 7 64-bit with an Nvidia card and I suspect that combination (leaning on Nvidia) is the cause. It may not be something that’s simple to fix if it is such an issue =\

Screwing with the fonts in the game folder didn’t quite garner the result I wanted so I’m going to have to leave this one up to Cliffski.

Wayno, working on something special

windows vista ultimate, with NVIDIA (surprise, surprise!), also hope problem with rock legend is fixed too.

Hmmm, shame my XP box isn’t up and running. I wouldn’t mind seeing if this is just NVIDIA with Vista/7, and just newer drivers. I will likely do that some time later this week.

Wayno, on the hunt for oldish drivers