Minor graphical bug

In the Edit Badge area, if you choose the two headed bird thing that is facing both directions and resize it smaller, you end up with a white line of sorts on the right side of the bitmap. I didn’t see that happen when resizing some other badges. My commander’s name is Garet Jax (username roy7) if you want to see for yourself, have it saved atm. Assume that goes online someplace.

Edit: It’s also be nice when hitting Edit Badge again, that it remember your prior settings if you want to tweak your badge.

Edit: Do bugs go in this forum btw, or elsewhere? Two text errors. “it’s” instead of “its” in the design tutorial on one of the boxes, and lets’ instead of let’s in the tutorial on campaign menu.

While we’re on typos - when talking to Bletchley, I’m guessing it’s supposed to say “Standby” in the title bar of the dialog, rather than “Standy” :slight_smile: