Minor suggestion for 0.7

The qualities that make up personalities on a given planet–chattiness, etc–are linked, so if you raise one, the others go down. That’s fine, but if you change something and then realize you want it back, can you put in an Undo button to change the last change (or alternatively, the last series of changes)? An alternative would be for the user to undo changes simply by resetting sliders by increments, but there’s no incremental segmenting on the sliders at this time.

Thanks again for such an unusual and interesting game.

Hi there – you mean on the station settings screen at the beginning? Sure, putting in a ‘reset’ button would be very quick and easy, I can definitely include that. It does make sense to have one there! Thanks.

Thank you. That was exactly what I meant (though in retrospect I could have been clearer).