Minor Unit Design Issue

When you create a unit, it’s original appearance is kept in the deploy-bar-thingy. Any attempts to modify it afterwards result in the same graphic appearance in the deploy-bar-thingy.

The unit, when deployed however, shows the changes.

I came across this issue when modding

To resove it you need to head across to \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousTankBattles\designtextures
In there you will find a dds file matching the unit your designing / modding.
Delete the dds file and the next time you run the game it will display the correct image.

Is it safe to delete all the textures? I made a lot of designs, and going through the files seems really tedious.

Yeah, you can blow away all these textures.
You may notice the game takes a few more seconds to load the next time (as it recreates them) but that is about it.

I was not aware that this was a general issue, the game should definitely handle it. It should delete and rebuild affected textures for units that you edit, but I shall attempt to reproduce and fix this

Ok, found and fixed in the next patch…