Minorish bugs from new player

Just bought the game yesterday and I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve kept a note of some of the (pretty minor) bugs that I’ve found in 1.11, not sure if this is useful (since it’s mainly trivial stuff) but WTH.

System: Q6600, 4GB memory, Geforce 8800GTX (190.62 drivers + August 09 DX), Onboard sound, Vista Home Premium 64-bit

[size=150]Things that annoyed me[/size]

  1. I’ve had a lot of alt-tab failures where GSB doesn’t restore fullscreen but instead comes up as a full size empty window that just contains black (seems like it only occurs in battles after the view has been scrolled from its default position).
  2. In battles the mousewheel zooms to the screen centre instead of the cursor.

[size=150]Minor bugs[/size]

  1. The tutorial got stuck at “Now close the orders window”, after closing the orders window the tutorial window remained on screen, I had to press escape to close the tutorial.
  2. Ship hull tutorial section flashes (temporary white border) the wrong screen section.
  3. Main menu button on Deploy screen goes to mission menu not main menu.
  4. Dragging and holding the minimap view against the edge makes the starfield flicker like crazy.
  5. In the stats screen had a destroyed frigate listed as having 1% hull remaining.
  6. Long text in save deployment naming box overflows it (and does something really strange if there are no spaces in the text).
  7. Clicking outside the minimap (e.g. on the Speed 1x area) moves the viewport as if the minimap was clicked.
  8. Different snap-to-grid in mass deploy mode (you can’t see where it’s going to snap to until you release the button unlike in normal deploy).


  1. Allow cut/copy/paste/etc in textboxes (nice for the registration key box).
  2. Add “Continue Battle” button (plays out rest of fight, maybe with losing side trying to run) and “Next Mission” buttons to the victory screen.
  3. In Deploy screen auto select highest unlocked/uncompleted mission.
  4. Key to return to default speed (maybe num keys 1, 2, 3, 4 for those speeds).
  5. Add an entry to Games Explorer in Vista.
  6. On the statistics screen, visually distinguish which ships in the fleet were damaged/destroyed so you can see at a glance how your fleet fared.


Only tried this tactic with the first 7-8 normal missions so far but all of them have been beatable by simply laying down as many Tutorial Cruisers as can be afforded.