Minority Governement

Here’s an idea I just had.

For Parliamentary systems, it would be good to include something to reflect the situation of Minority Parliaments.

Here’s a suggestion.

First: at election time, if you have, say, between 40% and 50% vote, you have government but minority. Effects would be similar to loosing a House with USA (slower to implement policies)

Second, if possible: When you are in minority Parliament, if polls (for vote intentions) go below a certain level, say 40%, for a certain number of turns (say 2-3) there’s an election, which, by definition, you would lose.

Thoughts on this?

I do like the idea of low polls triggering an immediate election, at least in principle. In reality, that would probably means a guaranteed lose, because there would not be much time in game terms to turn thing around (presuming the election is called next turn).
The system of restricted power is supposed to represent the problems that governments with a small majority, or even no majority have, in terms of getting policies implemented. I guess that could be expanded upon whereas half of your policies were permenantly ‘blocked’ unless you could get a better majority next time?

Yeah, I meant too that would be a garanteed lost.

I’m not sure of what you mean exactly by having the policies “blocked”… sorry :blush:

im imagining that it would be impossible to start or finish them. or maybe even adjust the slider…

to make it simpler, maybe just make it slower to implement, like with USA when you don’t control both houses…

It would show that it takes longer, because you need to have more support to pass the laws, and that means more meetings, etc.

for Australia, United Kingdom and Canada you could have her majecty or the Governor General Dismiss your government if your approval ratings dropped far to low, similar to an impeachment in Republics, execpt one person has absolute power. however in keeping with parliamentry procedure after a dismissal the parliament is dissolved and a general election is called.