Misc feedback

Just some stuff Ive jotted down over time, some of if I’ve mentioned before I think:

Social engineering should piss off groups it decreases

Citizenship tests should only reduce racial tension from immigration (presently its basically a magic bullet for racial tension, even if you have no immigration)

Police, armed police should cause racial tension, body cameras should reduce that tension only, as well as community policing (this and the above should help make racial tension levels more realistic in the US for example, and add an extra dimension to police spending)

Organised crime should reduce democracy at high levels, at a certain point your politicians are going to start being threatened by gangs/mafia, see mexican cartels for example

Corruption should increase organised crime (corruption is an enormous part of what makes organised crime even possible)

Business council raise business confidence rather than gdp, this seems fairly self explanatory, business confidence doesnt have very many factors anyway

Id cards- most countries would have this as voluntary since most countries have some sort of proof of age card for people without drivers licenses

Gender equality should factor into egalitarian society (it currently just boosts liberal opinion)

Liberal membership should factor into gender equality (a population’s attitude towards an issue like gender equality, in democracies and capitalist societies, is reflected in the politicians they elect/government behaviour they tolerate and the companies/company behaviour they support)

Capitalists should not dislike proportionate fines (it has nothing to do with market freedom and they already hate enough policies lol)

Capitalists should dislike import tariffs, not like them. They should please trade unionists instead (in the same pattern they current please capitalists).

Food price should affect food stamp cost


I agree with most of these, but I’m not 100% sure that proportionate fines shouldn’t annoy capitalists: the description is vague enough that it could be interpreted as applying to criminal fines against corporations, which capitalists would surely dislike.

Why would they surely dislike it? The reasoning for the policy is identical in both applications. If they don’t mind in one case, they wouldn’t in the other.