Missile Salvos! need help!

The salvo concept wasnt hard to grasp, and it worked for a cannon i had made previously, but this one doesnt work quite right, it only fires one missile at a time. its pretty aggrevateing. PLEASE help, the text is here:

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
armour_penetration = 50
category = “WEAPONS”
classname = “SIM_MissileModule”
cost = 250
crew_required = 5
damage = 50
description = “The Archer Missile pod is the other mainstay of the fleet. The pod fires salvos of 5 missiles in succesion. The missile itself isn’t bad against shields and armor, but it excells at neither.”
fire_interval = 100
salvo_size = 5
salvo_interval = 2000
flareuvid = 0
fuel = 1400
guiname = “Archer Missiles”
has_decoys = 0
has_flare = 1
hitpoints = 150
icon = turret
min_range = 250
max_range = 750
missilelength = 4
missilespeed = 0.30
missilewidth = 1
name = “archer_missiles”
powerconsumed = 4
shield_penetration = 50
size = “CRUISER”
sound = data/sounds/missile_launch.ogg
soundvolume = 0.7
tracking_speed = 0.8
trail_fade_time = 400
turnspeed = 0.5
turret_sprite = “turret_miss_v3”
turretsize = 10
warhead = EXPLOSIVE
weight = 150
slot_type = TURRET
uisortpos = 16120

Thanks in Advance! (::slight_smile:

I’m not sure you can fire more than a single mission for the missiles as that was how They were designed. There may be workarounds that i do not know of. But Let me look around in my collection of modules there might be something there that will help you.

Only one missile can be “visible” at a time, so the next will first be fired after the first one either hits the target or runs out of fuel. I am not sure if salvos work beyond this. The only way to make a fast “barrage” is by making a multi warhead missile wich releases the warheads right after it is fired, not that the max amount of warheads is 6.

aww, MAAAAAN. i was gonna make the Archer Pods from Halo.
still, thanks!(::)(::slight_smile:

so, how do i change the warhead amount?

You can’t. You get either 1 or 4 warheads, not 6. There’s nothing you can do about it.

That, and flooding the map tends to crashes the game.

ahh, well, thanks anyway… on to the next awsome turret! :wink:

Set has_decoys to 1, submunitionslive to 1, num_submunitions to some low value (I can’t remember the limit off-hand), and decoy_release_range to further than the maximum range. That should get you started.

Actually you can. Here is a guide for barrage missiles:

  • set decoy_release_range to be the same a the max_range to make sure that the warheads are released right after the missile is fired.
  • make sure that has_decoys is set to 1
  • add the lines submunitionslive = 1 and num_submunitions = x, where x is the number of warheads.

EDIT: darn too slow >_<

Thanks didn’t know that.

Just tested. The maximum amount of sub unit is 6, or 7 warheads total.

It’s a very useful innovation, but it’s far from new. This change has been in the codebase ever since version 1.47. I’m surprised that more modders haven’t been making use of it.