missing bottom inch of screen

I just got your game and I’m VERY excited to plat it. Sadly, when I load it up, I’m missing about an inch from the bottom. Instead of showing me the full daily screen, I have an inch of the “character select” screen. I’ve reinstalled about 5 times to no avail. I’ve messed with the gfx card acceleration settings, to no avail, and in general I’m running out of ideas.
GFX card- Nvidia 8500 (512mb)
Ram- 1512
As you can see, I SHOULD be able to run this.

The “usual” answer is … update your graphic driver.

brand new…oh, and I *can’t roll back to forceware 84 as suggested before as the 8000 series starts in the 160s

Hmm, I’ve only got the 6 series :confused:
But am using driver 162.18 :open_mouth:

Try putting Hardware acceleration to Full.

Do you have the check-box about Enable write-combining ?
If Yes, is it checked ?

Your driver … US or International version ?
You haven’t said what OS you’re using.

( I haven’t got a clue whether mine is US or UK, tried US and international drivers and apart from the file size, can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. )

Can you do a screenshot ?

hardware excelleration and write combining are a check. Driver is the US version (btw, the difference is availability of non-english installation and control panel). I’m running windows xp sp2, fully updated. I would do a screen shot, but I honestly don’t know how

interesting. Have you tried right clicking the games icon and running it in ‘compatibility mode’ for an earlier windows version. I’m pretty sure there was one other person who had this problem, and it was some quirky combination of video card and driver that caused it.
Does it make a difference if you run the game in a window?

Tried them both. I tried it for windows 98 and 2000, just to be safe. I also tried windowing it, and adjusting the resolution (higher and lower)

could you email me the files the game generates in its ‘debugdata’ directory? they are debug files that may tell me what is wrong. does it look like some of the backgrounds are not being redrawn?
I am cliff at positech dot co dot uk

I’m afraid not. I’ve actually uninstalled it. I was mostly answering queries now as a matter of reporting possible bugs. I appreciate your time though

engage the “Print Screen” key [size=75](or PrtScn or some variant thereof)[/size] to the right of the function keys on the top row of your keyboard (F1-F12)

This will copy an image of the screen to the clipboard.

Paste said image into a graphics program [size=75](e.g. Paint.NET, GIMP etc… )[/size], upload to a server [size=75](e.g. IMGBolt, PicTiger, your own server or any others listed on this site or elsewhere)[/size], in your reply press the ‘Img’ button and paste the URL ([size=75] someserver.tld/myscreenshot.jpg[/size] )

[size=84](There are also many screenshot utilities freely available that offer greater flexibility than this method)[/size]