Missing Connections

While I was playing, I noticed that there were some things that didn’t cause effects that I think they should, so as I encounter these, I’m alt tabbing to add to this list. I’ll also add more after the post if I think of any.

Public education funding does not affect popularity with parents

Unemployment rate does not affect popularity with capitalists, in fact, this one should just hit the “everybody” popularity, nobody likes a high unemployment rate.

Junk food tax: having this only affecting youth popularity seems a bit off. Youth aren’t the only people who eat fast food, there are plenty of old people standing outside at 6:30 AM waiting for the place to open at 7. Also I think a lot of heath care workers would like a policy that discourages people from eating junk food, so this should have a positive effect on state employee popularity.

Health food subsidies do not affect any popularity. State employees and parents should like this.

State pension funding does not affect popularity with socialists: come on, this is one of their big things.

Disability benefits does not affect popularity with socialists

CO2 emission does not affect the environment: umm, what?

Welfare fraud department does not affect popularity with the wealthy or capitalists or conservatives.

Equality does not affect popularity with ethnic minorities

Equality does not affect racial tension

Alcohol law does not affect popularity with conservatives

My unemployment is 0, but this is not having a positive impact on immigration. Looking for work is one of the common motives to move.

Crime and violent crime do not affect immigration. I live in Canada, and know a family that moved here from an American inner city specifically because this seemed like a safer place to live and raise a family.

Education does not affect immigration.

Poor, middle and high earnings should affect popularity with poor, middle income and wealthy categories respectively.

Recycling and unemployment. The process doesn’t make itself work, it needs employees.

Income tax and GDP: Although it takes time for the results to show, raising taxes does eventually hurt the economy, and lowering them helps it. So maybe there shouldn’t be a direct line here, but right now altering income tax affects earnings, which only seems to affect car and air travel. It just seems incomplete.

Why does having a strong work safety law have a negative impact on self employed popularity? I could see a negative impact on the wealthy, who are them employers who might see this as getting in the way of productivity.

Here’s a couple more:

High productivity does not affect corporate exodus.

Having a health population doesn’t seem to mitigate the effects of the bird flu event.

Earnings should affect GDP, people who earn more, generally spend more, and more spending leads to a stronger GDP.

I totally agree. I generally think that unemployment isn’t affected by enough policies. When I played with Canada and had a bit of a recession and the unemployment rate was too high, I tried to solve it with keynesianism but it just didn’t work. Investing in public sector does not work properly if you ask me.

Here’s some more:

Decision on the “corporate manslaughter” dilemma should affect the corporate exodus condition

The strength of my GDP should have a greater impact on my popularity with capitalists. Capitalists tend to be very logical, and therefore more inclined to accept that the ends justify the means. They may hate my socialist methods, but when they see strong results, they would probably support me anyways.

Unemployment should affect the percentage of people who are poor.

This was the one that stumped me.

The “CO2 emissions” statistic refers to emissions that may stimulate global warming, and hence is something environmentalists and other countries may disapprove of, but which does not cause any particular harm locally. (Global warming is too long in scale to be a part of the Democracy 3 environment simulation, I think.) I think it makes a lot of sense. Emissions of any greenhouse gas that cause local harm are handled by other statistics, mostly policies that directly influence Environment.

Many of the self-employed are small business owners with one or two employees, and this dramatically increases their paperwork burden. Even those who aren’t may still dream of expanding their operations to that point someday, and feel that the government is stomping on their dreams. As the safety laws grow more extreme, they even start to require special action from the self-employed individual with NO employees, fostering resentment and a vague sense of creepiness that the government requires them to document and report on so much of their day to day life.